Common Questions and Answers

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Thread Topic: Common Questions and Answers

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    This guide will be uploaded in sections. It is intended to cover the most commonly asked questions, and will be locked to prevent un-topical posts. If you cannot find the answer to your question, feel free to make your own thread and ask. Someone out there will have an answer for you!
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    General Questions
    Who is GTQ Guy? How can I contact him?

    GTQ Guy is the creator of the site.

    You can contact him by making a thread directed towards him, OR by emailing him at

    Who are the Moderators?

    This is a list of all currently known moderators, as of 9/25/2020:

    Faceless Knight
    The Coldest Sun

    How are moderators chosen? Can I be one?

    The original moderators were chosen by GTQ Guy after nominations were made by the active user base. More moderators have been added from mod nominations (which were modeled after user recommendations).

    It is unknown whether or not more mods will be added in the future.

    Can accounts be deleted?

    As of 9/25/2020, accounts cannot be deleted without direct assistance from GTQ Guy. You can send him an email explaining your situation. However, very few accounts have been deleted.

    If you are looking to “leave” the site, it is recommended that you change the password to something you won’t remember.

    Can threads be deleted?

    Yes! Moderators can delete an entire thread WITHOUT giving your account a penalty. Click here to make a request.

    How do I report a troll or someone who is breaking the forum rules?

    You can report trolls, spammers, and users who are breaking forum rules here.

    How can I request a thread to be locked or unlocked?

    You can request a thread to be locked or unlocked here.

    How do I deal with trolls and bullies?

    While the things trolls and bullies post may hurt your feelings or annoy you, it is advised that you report them and then ignore them. Do not post and acknowledge their existence. If you do this, you are giving them what they want: attention. By ignoring them, you can help moderators deal with the problem swiftly and efficiently. Additionally, it helps you have control over the situation.
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    Account Related Questions
    How do I access my profile page?

    Click on a hyperlink that has your username highlighted in blue. These links can be found in 3 places:
    -on the top of a new thread page; “Posting to [Forum] as [Username]”
    -above the post box on any thread; “Post a reply as [Username]”
    -on the right hand side of a quiz page; “Created by: [Username]”

    How do I change my profile picture?

    Once you become a Novice, go to your profile page and click on [set your picture]. Make sure that your picture is formatted as a square, or else you may get the “ratio” error!

    What do I do if my profile picture doesn’t change?

    Sometimes, the website times out. Refresh the page and try again. If refreshing doesn’t work, log out and log back in. If neither of those solutions work, use a different device OR try again the next day.

    How can I avoid getting hacked?

    Make sure that you DO NOT post your password or share it with other users. You increase your risk of losing your account each time you share your password.

    Use a strong password that would be hard to guess. There are bots that can go through thousands of passwords to try to hack into your account. Think outside of the box when creating a password. Use upper case letters, numbers, and even symbols to make it difficult for a hacker to access your account.

    Additionally, it is recommended that you verify your account with your email under the “Your Account Settings” tab to make sure you can further back up your account!

    What do I do if I get hacked?

    Try to change your password as soon as you find out you’ve been hacked. By changing your password, you can ensure that if the hacker logs out, your account will be safe and unable to be accessed again. However, if the hacker changes your password before you’re able to, make sure that you do not log out so you can still have some control over your account.

    To recover an account, contact GTQ Guy via his email and make sure your email subject says “Forum account hacked”. You can also try to add “urgent” to get his attention.

    How do I level up?

    You can level up by doing the following:
    -Making a quiz, poll, or post
    -Taking a quiz or poll
    -Getting rates & comments on your quizzes
    -Rating & commenting on other users’ quizzes
    -Going inactive for one (1) or more months and then posting after some time has passed

    Quizzes have the most impact. Remember: If you make sure to put more time and effort into your quiz, the more likely people are to take it, rate, and/or comment!

    How long does it take to level up?

    There is no set time to how long it takes someone to level up. It all depends on how much you engage with quizzes and other users.

    Remember that each status is harder to reach than the previous one. Statuses are very much like a video game and require more "experience points" to advance to the next level.

    Why did my level up bar reset? I was so close to leveling up!

    There is a bug that resets progress towards the next status. Unfortunately, there is no known fix for this. However, do not give up; you can still level up! It will just take a bit more effort and determination.
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    Forum Related Questions
    What are the different statuses?

    Ultra Elite

    How do I post links?

    Once you become a Junior, simply copy and paste a link into your post box. Most links will automatically work. Make sure to preview your post before submitting to ensure your link worked.

    How do I post pictures?

    Once you become a Junior, you can post images using the image code:

    [img]Link here[/img]

    Make sure to preview your post to make sure your image shows up properly. GTQ will automatically adjust the size of the picture for you, so don’t worry if it looks like it is too big.

    Why am I not able to post links or pictures?

    If you are not at the Junior status or higher, you will be unable to post links or use the image code. Trying to do so will give you an error.

    You can get around this by removing the “ part of the URL.

    What are the UBB codes listed at the bottom of my post box? How can I use UBB codes?

    UBB codes are codes or tags that can be used within any GTQ forum post. Depending on your Status, you can use different codes.

    Simply follow the directions for the code that are listed at the bottom of the page. If you’re using it properly, it should work. Make sure to double check your spacing.

    *One code that is NOT listed but is available for all users is the “strikethrough” code. To strike through your text, use the tags < s > your text here < / s > (without spaces).

    Why can't I post an email address?

    Posting your email address goes against forum rule number 3. If you directly post your email, it will be replaced by an error.

    However, if you absolutely wish to share your email, play around with the formatting. For example:

    It is highly recommended that you do not post the email associated with your account, as this increases the risk of getting your account hacked.

    Is there a limit to how many threads I can make?

    Users that are at either the Newbie or Novice status have a 2 thread limit per 24 hours. Additionally, users who have been inactive for more than a month may also have this same limit.

    If neither of those apply to you, you should not have a thread limit, though we advise you to be mindful of how many threads you are making. If you make too many threads at once, it may be seen as spam..

    What is spam? What are controlled spam threads?

    Spam is repetitive, insulting, or irrelevant text that disrupts other users. Making several threads at once can be seen as spam, depending on the context. Please know that if you choose to do this outside of a “controlled thread”, your posts will be be marked and deleted.

    “Controlled threads” are threads that are made specifically for spam-related messages. As long as you are not disrupting other users, it is OKAY to create or make use of these types of threads.

    What is gore?

    Gore is a reference to injuries, blood, or gruesome scenes that are often in horror or thriller movies. You are not allowed to post images or links to websites that contain gore, as it breaks forum rules number 5 and 6.

    What is an offensive post? What happens when a post is marked offensive?

    An offensive post is a post that breaks one of the forum rules. Moderators and approved users can mark posts offensive.

    If a post is flagged by multiple users, it will be deleted. After deletion, the user's post timer will be increased. If multiple posts are flagged or deleted, the account may be suspended OR permanently deleted. Make sure you are following the rules to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

    Where can I find a list of the forum rules?

    All of the forum rules can be found here.

    Some of the rules have a grey area, so if you’re unsure of whether or not your post is following them, check the mod guidelines.
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    Quiz and Poll Related Questions
    How do I share my quizzes and polls on the forums?

    To share a quiz, simply copy and paste the link into your post.

    To share a poll, go to your poll’s page by clicking on the link from your Account page. Underneath your poll, there should be a message that says the following:

    To post this poll on the GoToQuiz Forums, use this code:

    Copy the code that follows the message and paste it into your post.

    How do I get my quiz on the front page?

    Quizzes that are taken by a large number of people, receive high ratings, or recieve a lot of comments are generally what can be found on the front page.

    While there is no set way to get your quiz on the front page, you can try one of the following:
    -make a quiz that follows a popular theme or idea
    -focus on quality over quantity
    -ask questions that require deep/critical thinking OR the opposite; ask questions that require little thinking
    -try something that’s “never been seen before”
    -direct your quizzes towards a general audience UNLESS it is meant for a specific group of people
    -use decent grammar and word choice
    -share a link to your quiz on other websites or platforms

    Why didn't my quiz make it to the "Newest Quizzes" list?

    GTQ receives traffic beyond the forums, as it is ranked one of the highest quiz-making sites. Dozens of quizzes are made each day, and the filter has to cycle through each one. Due to the filter, quizzes may take a while to be added to the list. Some may not get there at all. Everything is left up to the algorithms of the bots, and cannot be fixed or altered.

    Note that quizzes that were marked as "This quiz is only for a circle of friends" will not show up on this list.

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