What do you think of the food above you?

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Thread Topic: What do you think of the food above you?

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    lazermazer Novice
    raw fish
    tiramistu(is that how you spell it?)
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    Matmail Experienced
    It's written Tiramisu...

    Probably delicious

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    ilovelions Senior
    What the hell is that

    Mushy peas
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    Bonnie Fan Novice

    Chicken nuggets
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    Story Saara Newbie
    Cupcakes! With chocolate chips amd sprinkles and anything you could think of!
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    unstopablepanda3 Experienced
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    Story Saara Newbie
    Wtf is that
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    fancy Novice
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    Hazelbear Novice
    In response to cupcakes:

    sure but it depends on the frosting (if it's cheap or not)

    Iced tea

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