A Fun Series of Quizzes to Take!

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Thread Topic: A Fun Series of Quizzes to Take!

  • AddiBabyy Novice
    Hey guys, I want to make my new quiz series more popular, so please help me out by going to take: "LA Summer Love Story Part 1" and "LA Summer Love Story Part 2". Part 3 should be out later today, or tomorrow. These quizzes are just boredom-busters about fallin in love at the beach over the summer. They're cheesy, but fun. Please take them and tell me what you think! Leave comments! Thank you!
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    heyilikepie Novice
    Make a fourth one :) those r really good :)
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    RemysFault Novice
    I love LA Summer Love Story!! But make part 4 wiff Adam!!:) Teeheehee;)
    Im addicted o.O
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    RemysFault Novice
    Please please please please please make part 8!!! :oo Imma die without it!!!! DDD: MAKE IT MAKE IT MAKE IT :3 FANKS. :)
  • Emarubygrl Newbie
    Plz make part 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i_love_me Novice
    plz hurry and make the next one
  • angelface Newbie
    you should seriously make another series. la love story was SOOOO AWESOME

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