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Hi, l am Lord Dracula and this is my very first quiz l have created. Well it's a quiz to test if you are a marvel comics nerd. This quiz will be simple for the nerds and a bit hard for others.

Also, It is a bit long and let me hope you will ace it with out a problem. The quiz features heroes, villains, locations, teams,etc. If you think you are nerd then take it. Enjoy!

Created by: Lord Dracula
  1. From where do the inhumans get their powers?
  2. The venom symbiote is a member of what alien race?
  3. Corsair is the space pirate father of what hero?
  4. Who came up with the team name Avengers?
  5. Wonderman's brother is a villain named?
  6. What is silver surfer's alterego?
  7. Peter quill once had what cybernetic body part?
  8. Which team of teenage superheroes sparked the first civil war?
  9. Who turned Bucky Barnes into the winter soldier?
  10. What villain is known for creating super apes?
  11. Shuma-gorath, Dormammu, and Nightmare are all enemies of what hero?
  12. Which mutant is Wolverine's clone?
  13. What organization does Baron Zemo lead?
  14. Who is the arch enemy of Blade?
  15. Who created the Android Vision?
  16. What destroyed the Nova Corps?
  17. Before Thor became worthy of Mjolnir, he wielded an axe called?
  18. Who is the master of Kung Fu?
  19. Dr. Doom is the monarch of what country?
  20. Who killed Steve Rogers after the first civil war?
  21. Where is the Savage land located?
  22. Who is the father of Diamond Hellstorm?
  23. From where does Quasar get his powers?
  24. Which villain killed Gwen Stacy?
  25. Annihilus claims to be whose first born son?
  26. Which mutant has the ability to control magnetism?
  27. Who is the god of mischief and trickery?
  28. Who killed Thanos?
  29. Beta Ray Bill is a member of what alien race?
  30. Where is Vibranium mined?

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Quiz topic: Can I ace the marvel quiz?