are you cute or pretty???

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hello!!! welcome to my quiz. today youre going to find out if you are cute or pretty!! -- according to me. i hope you like this quiz and ur results!!!

also-- if youre uncomfortable being called cute and/or pretty, please dont take this quiz.... i dont want to make anyone uncomfortable ... thank you for understanding!!

Created by: tsukii

  1. hiii~! if you havent already, please read the second intro paragraph-! ^^
  2. alright, first question. which style of clothing do you usually wear?
  3. and, how do you wear your hair?
  4. are you short or tall??
  5. do you get compliments a lot??
  6. which animal would you associate yourself with?
  7. which do you personally think you are??
  8. which color do you usually wear?
  9. uhm, hopefully this question makes sense- but which pose do you usually stand in-??
  10. i lost motivation... uh, rate and comment lol

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Quiz topic: Am I cute or pretty???