Zombie survival quiz

You ever wondered if you could survive an apocalyptic world? Have you ever wanted to test yourself in such a way? Well now you can. I can only hope to god that you can survive.

Yeah most quizzes like this are based off of opinion, but I'm just going to hope that you can appeal to my opinion and get a high score in this zombie quiz. Good luck on survival!

Created by: amazon
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Starting with the basics, how does the infection spread?
Scratches, bites, and blood to blood contact
little buggies
i don't know (lel)
4. What is best of these melee weapons?
baseball bat (aluminum)
5. which rifle is the best of these? (please take into consideration accuracy, reliability, ammunition consistancy, and power
6. How important is sympathy in the apocalypse?
Don't bother; it's useless and only gets you killed
some sympathy now and then isn't a and thing
human life is precious and should be cherished
7. You a have to choose right now. You have one round left and you need to save either your best friend or a baby, who do you save?
save friend, baby is ultimately useless
save baby, he hasn't lived a full life
save neither and save your ammo
8. If you search a house, do you...
Enter loudly, making your presence known
Enter quietly, making your presence unknown
9. What vehicle do you take? (If you run out of fuel for any vehicles, you can walk after wards
Military grade humvee
10. you see survivors, not well armed, but stacked to the brim with food, while your group is running low. What do you do?
Rob them
kill them and rob them
Ask for food like a decent human
just leave them be
11. you rob a gun store; you take...
An assault rifle, like a good old ak
handgun, like a glock
shotgun, like a moss berg
sniper, like a remington
sub machine gun, like an H&K
12. You go to where first in the beginning of the outbreak?
Home, where i have a kit
Grocery store, where the food is
friends house because the world is ending anyway
to a pharmacy for meds
gun store for ammo and such
mall for almost all of the above
13. Do you have a well thought out and intricate plan?
Nope lel
14. If you could start with any of these things in the start of the apocalypse, what would you take?
A glock 17 with one 17 round mag and a suppressor
A crowbar
A flashlight
A backpack
A first aid kit
Six bottles of water and four cans of beans
15. Which of these is the best way to kill a zombie (Romero zombies)?
Destroying the brain
stabbing the heart
Sucker punch right in the cock
ripping out their kidneys and large intestine, then making a beard with said organs.
16. How many people do you want in your group?
Just me
17. Have you any training in operating firearms, or have you done so at all?
I have had training, and have operated one
18. Final question, you see a group of armed men. Do you...
Call out to them
Shoot at them
Avoid them entirely
ask them for supplies

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