Can You Survive the Zombie Outbreak?

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Zombies, as you know, are now an inseparable part of pop culture. Unfortunately, people think that a zombie outbreak would be a walking the park; this test is here to prove otherwise.

Forsake all the movies and video-games about zombies that you may have encountered! From here on out, only logic, reasoning, and basic understanding of survival will keep you alive in this quiz!

Created by: Lenzy Williams
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What type of community do you live in?
Megalopolis (1,000,000+)
Metropolitan (100,000+)
Urban (10,000+)
Sub-Urban (5,000+)
Rural (Farms & Ranches)
Wilderness (The middle of nowhere!)
4. How often do you exercise/workout?
Once a week
Every other day
5. How would you describe your hand-on-hand combat skills?
Very Poor!
6. How often do you go camping/hiking?
Once a Year
Every other Month
Every month
Every weekend!
7. Which of these items is MOST important for survival?
Sleeping Bag
Portable Water Filter
Emergancy Space Blanket
Swiss Army Knife
Go to Bed (It's obviously a hoax)
Keep the News on (Learn as much as you can)
Call your Friends/Family (Tell them about this)
Get your stuff ready (This could be bad)
9. You awaken to the sounds of blood-curdling screams: UNDEAD CORPSE ARE EATING PEOPLE ALIVE! What must you do?
Call 911! (You can't deal with this on your own)
Get those peoples attention! (Help each other out)
Hide inside your cellar/attic/basement (Don't let the Zombies See You)
Start barricading all your doors & windows! (Don't allow them to get inside)
10. The undead are clawing their way inside! You need a hard-hitting weapons to defend your home! But what?...
Flamethrower! (Turn them to ash!)
12g Shotgun (Don't need accuracy)
.357 Magnum (Hand-held cannon!)
Remington 30-06 w/ Scope (Distance & stopping power)
AR-15/M16 (Quality assult rifle)
AK-47 (Robust & easy handling)
11. Bullets/Fuel won't last forever! You need a lethal melee weapon to fend of the undead! But what?...
Chainsaw! (Slices torsos with ease)
Katana (Samuri Sword)
Baseball Bat (Made for hitting)
Bowie Knife (The Classic)
Machete (Slices limbs & vegatation)
Ax/Hatchet (Doubles as work tool)
12. You've repelled the first zombie attack! Now, what food have you stockpiled to keep yourself alive?
Tweenkies (They last forever right?)
Redbull & Gatorade (ENERGY!)
SPAM (Canned meat)
Beef Jerky & Granola Bars (Protein & Fiber)
Fries-Dried Campers' Food (Made for the outdoors)
M.R.E's (Made for the Military)
13. You hear a voice outside crying for help; its your best friend! What do you do?
Venture outside! (Fight off the zombie yourself)
Create a diversion (Lure the zombies away from your friend)
Shoot the zombie from a distance (Don't jeopardize your own saftey)
Get your friends attention! (Let them know you have a shelter!)
14. Your friend has survived! Now, do the two of you do to pass the time together?
Repopulate (It's fun...)
Sleep (Conserve your energy)
Play card/board games (Keep your moral high)
Read (Learing is always an A+)
Exersice (Keep your body ready)
Keep the shelter maintained (A bad shelter cost lives)
15. You both are running dangerously low on supplies. You NEED to venture out! But where should you go?
The Mall
Home Depot
Big 5 Sporting Goods
Majors Surplus & Survival
16. It's been weeks; the two of you suddenly hear a knock your door, it's a group of survivors seeking refuge! But you only have enough room for ONE. Who shall you choose?
US Marine
Police Officer
The Orphan Child
17. Weeks turn into months, and your neighborhood become evermore hellish with zombies... The three of you MUST leave? But where will you go?
The Tropics (Warm weather year around)
Artic (Zombies freeze in the frigid climate)
Desert (Isolation)
Another Cities (Loads of supplies left over)
The Woodlands (Loads of hunting/building supplies)
The Mountain (Away from man, away from Zombies)

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