Would You survive in the series 'Death Note'?

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L__ said:
Sep 30 '17, 10:49PM

Contrary to what the quiz believes, if Death Note actually existed (how did the developers of the manga even gain access to my personal information...?) I'd say I would have an 87% chance of survival.

1800sVampire said:
Jun 15 '16, 11:53AM

66%. Nah, I'd survive;.)
Kira worshipper 100%;.)

TdotK said:
Feb 28 '16, 2:49PM

Well i have a 70% chance of surviving which is good enough for me.

The world of Kira should be pursued but not feared.

Mj113 said:
Mar 29 '15, 8:58AM


BodOwens said:
Mar 8 '15, 9:53PM

You have a 89% chance of surviving in Death Note.

Hooray, you made it! You are either one of Kira's personal minions or an SPK member or something. going after the opposing side is your goal and you might just achieve it!

PokemaDiva said:
Oct 27 '14, 12:45PM

You have a 67% chance of surviving in Death Note.

Wow. You actually have a chance at surviving in this crazy world of Death Note! My radar says you are a normal person. However, if it came down to a face off with Kira, you'd most likely lose.

...f**k... I just want to kill him so badly... >_

blackskull said:
Mar 6 '14, 3:43AM

i have 70% hmmmm..... somehow ihave a change

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