would you survive an alien attack

some people can survive an alien attack.can you? if you want to know take this wierd, funny, random, quiz. you will find out if you can or can't survive an alien invasion. do you think you can?

do you think you can survive an alien invasion? to find out take this quiz right now!!! find out if you do or don't have what it takes to survive an alien invasion

Created by: jose
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1. if a group of aliens were on your front yard and woke you up at 12:00 midnight what would you do
start rocking back and forth while spinning a plate
yell, "get off my lawn you hoodlums!"
throw a rock at them
go back to sleep
what? why would i wake up
2. if two aliens were in your house and they don't know that you are their, what do you do?
go to them & spit on their lips
jump out the nearest window
get any weapon you can find and get them
tell them to get out
3. what weapons would you mostly use?
my muscles
these fists
a pistol & a shotgun
super stankyness
AK-47 & a flamethrower
a knife & a grenade
4. the mothership has landed right in front of you do you go inside?
of course
yes, with lots of weapons
i don't care
with lots of people and weapons
5. an alien is wants to join your side, do you let him?
you are a sick!
you disgust me!!!!!!
yes, then attack him ROAR!!!!! AIEEEEEEEEEE!
yes, but only feed him burnt toast and rubish
6. were would you set up a base?
in a hospital
my house
area 51
a dumpster
7. you have room for two people in your car, who would you take?
a little kid
an old man
a guy that is in the army
a doctor
i work alone
8. you are completely surrounded by aliens, what do you do?
what? i would never get caught
make yo momma jokes
punch them
what is there to do?
9. you see on the t.v. that the aliens are leaving, what is your approach?
go back to sleep since they disturbed you
why?why you lie?why?
blow their ships up before they leave
go with them
do nothing
eat some cocoa puffs
10. what do you think would happen to you?
i spit on you
i would survive
i would'nt stand a chance
11. what would be your diet during the invasion?
whatever i find
pizza hut
what is a diet?
12. can you drive?
only driven once or twice
13. are you tough enough to survive an alien ambush
of course i'm not a wimp!
i'm a wimp
i dunno

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