Will you survive a zombie apocalypse?

What is your chances to survive a zombie apocalypse? Find out here with this quiz of surviving horror. The zombies are everywhere, in every corner, in every room, at least you must find somewhere to hide or maybe die before you've found out a place to hide.

Now, you will find out if you are dead or a zombie... Or maybe even a true survivor, we'll see. This quiz will only take a few minuets and no panic. Good luck!

Created by: Marcus
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What kind of a city do you live in?
Very big city with high population.
Quite big city with medium population.
A medium sized city with low population.
Small town, or a village.
A rural town or in the forest etc.
4. Do you own a gun?
Not legal in my country.
5. Have you anything else you can protect yourself with, example: a knife, a bat etc.?
Yes I have.
No I haven't
Maybe somewhere.
6. How much food do you have?
Lots, I can live with food for months.
I've got food for weeks..
I have food for a couple of days.
Not so much maybe one day or so.
Can't live without go to the store.
7. Have you every fired a gun before?
Only once.
8. If you got in trouble outside far away from your home, where should you hide?
At the hospital.
At the police station.
In the mall.
I have no idea.
A building that have been shutted down.
9. Can you make home made explosives?
10. What would you do first if you have found a hideout?
Look for all entrances and secure them.
Call the police for help.
Look for guns.
Get to the roof and make a "help me"-sign.
Look for flare guns.
Look for survivors.
11. What would you do if one of your loved ones turned into a zombie?
I'll shot 'em.
I will shot 'em but look sad and perhaps cry.
I would run away.
I would lock in 'em and keep them safe.
12. If you met a group of strangers and there came zombies from every way, what would you do then?
I would've run away, let everyone take care of 'emselves.
Maybe I would have helped 'em but look for myself too.
I would have helped them to every price.
I don't know them so why help them?
Only if we stayed togheter and found a place to hide.
I would have gone in panic and not know what to do.
13. Would you go to your loved ones if this really happened?
Yes, they could be in danger.
No, I just pray for them to be okay.
Perhaps, they maybe wouldn't be at home.
14. What would you do if you got bitten?
I would killed myself, with no hesitation.
I wouldn't have cared about it.
If I was with someone I would have kept it so nobody saw it.
I would killed myself but hug the one I love first.
I would have killed myself but cry before.
I would ask anyone else to kill me.

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