Will you live through a zombie apocalypse?

This quiz tests you on if you will survive a zombie apocalypse or not! Only people who get the highest scores will survive without a doubt- Are YOU ready?

Will YOU survive a Zombie Apocalypse? Take this quiz and find out! If you score high, you will be immortal! (Only kidding!) If you score low, then it doesent matter- at least you tried!!!!

Created by: Zombie killer :D
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1. Which of these weapons is the best to use against a zombie?
A Pencil
A Book
An Assault rifle/Other guns
A Lighter
2. Which of these is the best vehicle to use in a zombie apocalypse?
A Giant rubber
A Good, decent car
A Unicycle
A Rocket
3. How do you kill a zombie?
Offer it some ice-cream (I-scream, get it?)
Rip his arms off
Remove the head or mash the brain
Run him over with a giant army of rubbers
4. You Hear your mobile ringing- it is your best friend.She tells you to Look outside your window- there is a zombie invasion! You then put the phone down- what do you do?
Yell and scream "HELP MEEEE!"
Plug the bath and fill it up with water, then get food and head upstairs,then board up the windows and destroy the stairs.
Sit and wait, watching TV.
Run outside and run to the nearest supermarket- then buy food and offer it to the zombies.
5. You and 3 friends are trapped in your house. you are totally surrounded, however you have the Zombie survival guide. what do you do?
Follow the guide!
Throw the guide away then swim off through the river
Offer yourselves to the zombies
Eat cookies!
6. Your friend grabs 3 weapons, one is a machete, and the other 2 are a pistol, and an AK47, which do you choose?
None. Fists all the way...
All of them!!
7. You are asleep in your house and you hear a crash! You realise it is a zombie- what do you do?
You lock the door and barricade the windows- then you get the food you have stashed under your bed and EAT AWAY!
Grab your rifle and load it, then head downstairs and shoot it's head off.
Grab a knife, and kill yourself.
8. Your friend starts to feel dizzy- you find out she has been bitten- what do you do?
Shoot her.
Cry and wait for her to turn into a zombie
Tell her that she will turn into a zombie, and leave her.
9. You fall asleep in your car. You suddenly wake up and a zombie is trying to get in. what do you do?
Drive away instantly
Open the door and ask it for a date
Yell and smash its face after putting the window down
10. Which of these is the WORST place to fortify?
A school
A grocery store

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