Will You Survive World War Zombie?

The Zombie Apocalypse is only a short time away. Take this quiz and learn what the dos and donts of surviving are, and the difference between living and becoming a part of the ravenous zombie whorde.

Only a select few with the correct skills and luck will survive the Zombie Apocalypse. Will you be one of them? Take this quiz and find out! I know you're dying to know!

Created by: Travis
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3. While sitting at home watching television, a news story comes on about an incident in which people have been murdered and partially eaten at a location nearby you. What do you do?
Ignore it, it was probably some lunatic.
Take note, it may be worth turning to another news channel.
Head to the location with your trusty shotgun to take care of business.
Grab your survival gear and get the heck out! Canada has to be safe.
Call your buddies and have poker night as planned, but have a couple guns handy.
Watch for more incidents, take stock of supplies, resupply if needed, then call in sick to work and stay inside.
4. You decide to go out before things get bad and get supplies. What food do you get in the limited amount of time you have?
Canned Food & Bottled Water
Easy microwave meals and Bottled Water
Bread and meat for sandwhiches
As much meat as your cart can carry
Military MREs and Bottled Water
Canned Food, Vegetables & Bottled Water
5. Choosing to stay in your home or leaving the city is an important decision.
I stay in my home and defend it.
I get in my car and head south.
I get in my car and head north.
I try to get plane tickets out of the country.
I try to go on a cruise.
6. You decide to defend your home from the zombie apocalypse. You need to fortify it. You go to a local hardware store. What do you buy?
Concrete mix, buckets, bricks, mortar to seal doorways and windows
As much wood as your truck can haul, a nailgun and tons of nails and woodscrews to seal doors and windows and repair any holes
Flooring materials and ladders to turn your attic into a living space to survive in
Bars and a cutting torch to bar your windows, and large security doors to replace all your doors
Paint and spackle to make your house look ruined and abandoned
A swimming pool, you need to have fun, right?
7. You try to warn someone to get to your house to survive with you, but you can only support one person. Who do you call?
Your significant other, you can't live without them.
Your best friend since high school, they shot a gun once.
Your mom, she's a great cook and she shot a gun back when she lived on a farm...
Your friend who likes to backpack and hunt.
Your friend who just got out of the Marines.
An aquaintence that has told you they go to gun shows and own land up in Canada.
8. The person you called gets stuck in their car about two blocks away from you and calls you on their cell phone. You have a few guns and melee weapons, they have a single pistol. What do you tell them?
You'll come get them, stay where they are, take a rifle.
You'll come get them, tell them to hide in a nearby building, take a shotgun.
Tell them to hide in the car, but if any zombies see them, to get out and run the two blocks, meet them halfway with your rifle.
Tell them to RUN!
Fake like you're having reception problems and hope they get there safe.
Tell them "Sorry, I have to live too. Good luck."
9. Your fellow survivor arrives unharmed, but has another person along. Furthermore, they've been bit. What do you do?
Do not let them in, tell the bitten person to leave.
Open the door, shoot the bitten person in the head, and drag the survivor inside.
Do not let anyone in.
Tell the bitten person to go get some supplies, then you'll let them in. Hopefully they'll end up as a zombie holding supplies you need.
Act like no one is home.
Shoot the other person in the chest, drag the survivor inside.
10. A mob of zombies attack your house, trying to get in, what do you do?
Shore up the door with any heavy furniture.
Shoot out the windows and hope to kill them all.
Spray the mob with assault rifle fire.
Be as quiet as possible.
Go outside and rock and roll!
Throw molotov cocktails down on them.
11. Days later, the radio says to head to the nearest "safe zone". What do you do?
Head to the nearest safe zone on foot.
Drive your car to the nearest safe zone.
Try to verify that the safe zone is, in fact, safe.
Do not go, it's a Zombie plot.
Stay put, you have plenty of supplies remaining.
12. The Safe Zone turned out to be a bad idea, and there are now more zombies than ever roaming the streets, searching the houses for fresh food. You knock over some pans, and they decend on your home. Hundreds of ghouls are beating on your door. What do you do?
Fight, climb to the roof and go for headshots.
Pray and spray.
Toss your fellow survivor to them in the hopes they will be satiated.
Try to run out the back where you see no zombies yet.
Try to call for help.
13. Your home has been compromised, the doors are shattered, the windows destroyed. You have to leave. The city is infested. Where do you try to go?
Leave the city by as direct means possible using main roads, highways, train tracks, etc.
Leave the city, but use backroads and traverse as many open areas as possible.
Find another house to garrison.
Go downtown and look for a defendable place to clear of zombies.
Get out of town the quickest route possible from your location.
Have a running gunfight with any zombies you see, killing as many as possible.
14. On the move, you decide to scavenge through a grocery store. You find a number of items, but only have room in your backpacks for one.
Boxes of cereal, sugary energy
Canned vegetables, you need the vitamins
Ramen noodles, you can fit hundreds of them
Rice, easy to cook, very sustainable.
15. You have to stop moving at night, as the zombies rely more on their other senses than humans, and are better night hunters. You stop where?
In a gas station, back in the back room.
Climb a large tree.
In a remote farmhouse.
In an abandoned truck.
Crawl into a drainage ditch pipe.
Don't stop, keep going.
16. You need to keep watch, how do you divide the time?
50/50 til sunup.
2 hours on, 2 hours asleep to keep alert.
One person keeps watch all night, gets to sleep next night.
Neither, both sleep.
Both catnap.
17. You are shook awake in the dead of night, with your friend putting his finger to his lips, then pointing. A zombie is closeby. What do you do?
Take it out with an aimed gunshot.
Stay still and very quiet, communicate with only hand signals and mouthing words.
Try to sneak up on it and decapitate it or silence it.
Shoot it in the head with a bow.
18. As you and your friend walk along, you notice a plane overhead. It's an Air Force C-130, and it's going down. The pilot manages to crashland a mile away from you.
Go and see if they need any help.
Run towards the area as quick as you can to help them.
Divert away from the crash site as much as you can.
Slowly move towards the crash site.
19. You come across an ATV Four Wheeler out on the road, minus whatever rider it had. The key is still in the ignition. It starts up.
Ride it as far as the gas will take it, then ditch it.
Try to find more gas for it.
Leave it, it didn't do the former owner any good.
20. By happenstance, your travels take you near your parent's house. Do you check on them?
Yes, they're your parents.
21. You are confronted with your zombie loved ones on the street. What do you do?
Shoot them, then move away from the area ASAP.
Plead with them to not eat you.
Tell them you love them, then end their misery.
Try to restrain them, and keep them as twisted sorts of pets.
22. You come upon a group of survivors living in an RV. They have no supplies and are poorly organized. What do you do?
Help them get equipped from your supplies and train them with your weapons.
Tell them they should have prepared better and head around them.
Fire a warning shot into the air and tell them to stay away, they could be infected.
Threaten to shoot anyone who comes close.
Give them supplies and a couple weapons and wish them luck.
23. You reach another major city. Do you detour around and add extra days to your trek, or go through, the quicker way?
Skirt the outside of town, keeping to the suburbs.
Go way around, keeping away from human habitation.
Go straight through as fast as possible.
24. You encounter a M113 personnel carrier with a mounted gatling gun.
Use it to hose the hordes!
Use it to drive to safety, hosing those who get in the way.
Drive it to safety, shoot only groups of zombies to maximize potential.
Leave it, the soldiers who had it did not fare well with an armored vehicle.
25. You appear to reach a human outpost ahead. It appears well fortified, but you see no people. Do you go in and investigate? Even if there are zombies, there are probably supplies.
Yes, head in.
Yes, but scout the area well first.
No, detour around.
No, shoot anything that moves.
26. Congratulations! You find a large defensible grouping of people who are organized and can use both of you. What job do you volunteer for?
Scavenge Squad
Home Street Cleaning Platoon
Night Watch Defense Detail

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