Will you make a good Assassin?

An assassination is "to murder (a usually prominent person) by a sudden and/or secret attack, often for political reasons."[1][2] An additional definition is "the act of deliberately killing someone especially a public figure, usually for hire or for political reasons." Assassinations may be prompted by religious, ideological, political, or military motives. Additionally, assassins may be prompted by financial gain, revenge, a desire to acquire status within a group, or a psychological need to garner personal public recognition.

On the contrary to this definition; The world needs more hired Assassins to defeat the many evil Predators of the Innocent. Many Assassins have changed history by one bullet or one knife. Will you be an effective member of the Brotherhood one day?

Created by: Borne4War
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What is your preferred Assassination weapon?
Assault rifle/Automatic Ranged Weapon
Switchblade/Automatic knife
Silenced Pistol
Poisoned Knife
4. Which one of these maneuvers would you be most likely to attempt and think would be more successful attacking a target in a an urban environment and a large crowd surrounding the target (note that 3 guards are beside the target)
Jumping off a 4 story building and landing on him/her with my weapon.
Blending in with a group of similarly dressed civilians and then silently stick a switchblade/knife in between his ribs
Killing everyone in the crowd including the Target and Guards
Belnding in, throw a smoke bomb at the guards, poison the target, and run out
Make your way into the building with a sniper rifle
Wait until the assembly is over.
5. You are in a crowd (with two or more Assassins) and attacking an armed target with two or three sword-can equipped guards mingled in with the crowd.Your contract tells you to kill the guards as well. choose your technique
Hire some civilians to chatter with the guards so you can attack your target.
Kill everyone in the crowd then kill your target
Have a skilled Assassin mingle with the enviorment and hang aroudn areas the guards could possibly be located. Have other assassins to begin harassing the targeted individual so that the guards will be forced to expose themselves. Then unite with the Assassins and kill the guards and target
Shoot the people you think could be guards. Then kill the individual
From an elevated area, snipe the target and leave
Run into the crowd and draw your weapon and sprint toward your target and kill him.
6. What do you believe that Assassinating is about?
Pure Enjoyment. I enjoy harming because I enjoy harming.
I believe that in order to save many lives from powerful individuals that order the death of innocents.
Fun, what else?
To Appease insanity
To get revenge against this guy that bullied me in High school....
7. What of the two fighting types (Melee/Close range or Long range ) do you utilize or prefer.
Only Melee/Close Range
Only Long Range
Primarily Melee/Close Range, but I will use firearm based assaults if unavoidable
Primarily Long Range, but I will use Melee/Close Range if unavoidable
8. Do you believe that civilian casualties are acceptable?
Yes. I view civilians as obstacles to my goal
No. Harming an Innocent is a crime that is to be shamed upon by every Guild.
9. You are in a deserted Jungle environment. You (camouflaged with lightweight ghillie clothing) are in an elevated tree and you see that your unarmed target is in a bungalow (beside the tree, close enough to jump into via window) There are no civilians (or guards) that you can see through the viewpoint of the window. You are armed with a knife and a Molotov cocktail. The wind's direction is coming from the left. Your maneuver?
Jump in and kill the target. You see no reason why there would be danger in killing him, especially unarmed.
Light the molotov cocktail and bring the bungalow down. If there are any guards, they will be incinerated.
Throw the knife at the target directly where the target is
Throw the knife at the target slightly angled to your targets right
Throw the knife at the target slightly angled to your target's left
10. One more Assassination maneuver question and then we will move on. Your target is in a warehouse with a few crates with the word "flammable" Somehow, by a great amount of luck you manage to get in. There are about 7 armored guards with fully-loaded Ak-47s beside your target. No civilians are in the building. You are on the steel girders of the roof and your target is right below you.You are armed with a Desert Eagle pistol but after an unfortunate accident you only have one round. You by some chance have picked up a match. You will not survive this one. Choose, the BEST way and more sensible way to kill your target.
Jump down and kill your target
Light and drop the match onto a crate. The explosion should
Shoot the target with your pistol while on the ceiling
Shoot a guard with your pistol
11. What is your motivation for becoming an Assassin?
Lust for Popularity
Protection of the Innocent
12. Which one of the three is most important? Strength, Speed, or skill?
13. Almost done! If limited to only choice of two weapons what would they be?
Two pistols
A pistol and a dagger-style knife
A switchblade and a grenade
Two assault rifles
Insufficient Information. It largely depends on the enviorment, weather conditions, guards, civilians, etc
14. Final Question. Is Assassination an act of mercy or an act of homocide?

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