Which political group do you belong to?

What is your political group? Typically political affiliations are coordinated with the three standard English classes, upper, middle, and lower. These are then often correlated with leftism, conservatism, and libertarianism.

Rather than measuring your political stance based solely off of an "isidewith" test, this quiz measures how you think. How should we be governed? Who has the right to govern us? Should we have an in group preference? How should we form law? What determines a rightful invasion? What do we own, and how much do we own it? Who are you and what do you believe? Take the test now to find out!

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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Morality is...
Objective (religious)
Objective (secular)
4. What is the purpose of government (assuming we need it)?
To regulate the free market.
To suppress parasitism.
To protect the nation's traditions.
To provide courts/military/police.
A transitional stage before communism.
To promote equality.
5. Do we need government?
Yes, the market cannot handle protection of the nation.
No, government is another form of capitalism.
Government is centralization of parasitism to suppress parasitism. It is essential for trust for the time being, but in the future should be outcompeted and crushed.
No, government violates the NAP.
Yes, government needs to protect us from the market.
6. Who do you support in the presidential election (for any reason)?
Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump
Bernie Sanders
Gary Johnson
Voting is statist
7. Your country has a group of people who pose a major threat to your ideal way of life. How do you handle it?
Violence. Use the state, military and police.
Remuneration. Exclude them from voluntary transfer, starve them.
Gossip. Make it impossible to slur you by attacking their reputation behind closed doors.
8. Do you have an in group preference?
Only to the extension that it is productive.
9. Which group do you identify with the most?
10. Religion is...
A lie
Your choice, I don't know or care.
11. (My form of) Feminism is...
Liberation of women.
12. What is more valuable, productivity or equality?
13. "Make America Great Again" should refer to...
The economic conditions of the industrial age.
A more socially conservative state with a stable traditional culture.
Never. When exactly was America great?
Now. America is already great.
1776. What we really need is a return to the constitution.
14. The best way to solve the transgender bathroom issue is...
Men go in the men's room, women in the women's room. It's common sense.
Gender is a social construct. Brain waves prove transgenderism so we should encourage it. Go where you believe you
Let the property owners decide.
15. Opinion on civic nationalism?
It's good to love your culture.
Your culture isn't inherently superior. Why can't we all just get along?
16. We need to use some form of military intervention to take out ISIS, agree or disagree?
17. Should we build a wall on the US-Mexican border?
Absolutely. We're losing money from the poor immigration policies and our culture is under attack.
Only if Mexico pays for it. No US tax dollars for a wall.
Under no circumstances should we build a wall.
18. Democracy is a perversion of government.
Yes, but it's the best form of government we have.
Democracy? Don't you mean a republic? A workers democracy would be a huge improvement.
Yes, it destroys civilizations and will kill the west. Democracy is the god that failed.
No, democracy is not a perversion. It is flawed because we are human and nothing more.
Democracy is not the issue, if we had a tiny government with a democracy we would have a much better system.
19. Pay reparations to blacks, agree or disagree?
20. McCarthyism was...
Terrible, it infringed on free speech.
Good. It exposed a hidden cancer in our society.
Should've been reversed. Socialists should get to push back against the bourgeoisie.
Good, the NAP does not apply to the left.
21. What should our immigration policy be?
Closed borders.
Open borders.
People that are productive to our economy can immigrate, nobody else.
People who are productive to our national identity, nobody else.
Choices #3 and #4 are both correct.
Treat each immigrant individually and allow a ruler to oversee their movement.
22. Do we have free will?
*quotes bible*
*quotes Atlas Shrugged*
Yeah, the poor and minorities and trans people and gays and whoever are just going to toss off their shackles.
Yes, morality is a spook to chain our ability to act for pleasure.
23. A parasite...
Extracts surplus value.
Is a free rider.
24. 1776 was...
A great year! We declared war on a terrible ruler!
Further evidence that monarchy is preferable to democracy.
Meaningless, it created an oppressive imperialistic country from another.
25. How should we be taxed?
Flat tax at about 10-15%.
No income tax. Rely off sales tax (or property tax, tariffs, or something indirect).
Taxation is theft. It will always be an act of parasitism and the goal should be absolutely no involuntary transfers.
Progressive income tax, take from the 1%.
Progressive income tax but also implement speculation taxes and excise taxes on things like sugar and cigarettes.
26. Choose your favorite philosopher.
Thomas Aquinas.
Ayn Rand.
Max Stirner.
Karl Marx.
Stefan Molyneux
Curt Doolittle
27. Is there a war on white people in the west?
How can there be? Race is a social construct.
28. White male privilege exists and government should do something about it, agree or disagree?
White male privilege exists, government should do nothing.
29. How important is your country's average intelligence?
Very important.
Mostly unimportant.
Entirely irrelevant.
30. Where should law come from?
Direct democracy. Most government is oppressive anyway, allow the workers to vote and be liberated.
Private law. Morality is universal.
Law comes from god. There are basic moral principles that can create a stable body of law.
A legal document based off of a protection for life, liberty, and property.
A monarch. The class consciousness of the masses vs a private government makes for a stable legal system.
A social democracy where law is meant to work for the people is best. It would be organized like a John Rawls thought experiment.
31. Why do we have property?
It comes as a minimum assumption for the basis of natural law and non-aggression.
We forgo our opportunity to use violence or fraud.
*shouts surplus value*
So we don't have our stuff stolen by a group whose rule we haven't consented to.
32. Patriotism is a good quality, agree or disagree?
It is useful, not ideal, a sense of cultural identity would be superior. Why involve the state?
33. Plato or Aristotle?
34. Diversity is our strength, agree or disagree?
35. Altruism is...
Sacrifice, which is admirable.
36. High trust + high IQ = Successful society, agree or disagree?
37. War, what is it good for?
Conflict resolution
38. The state is a...
Extension of capitalism.
Defender of the working class.
39. Favorite libertarian?
Hans Hermann Hoppe.
Murray Rothbard.
Jeffery Tucker (modern).
Ron Paul.
Friedrich Hayek.
Ludwig von Mises.
40. Favorite leftist?
Karl Marx.
Peter Kropotkin.
Pierre-Joseph Proudhon.
Eugene Debs.
John Rawls.
John Maynard Keynes.
41. Favorite conservative?
John Locke.
Russel Kirk.
Calvin Coolidge.
Milton Friedman.
Edmund Burke.
Ronald Reagan.
42. What do you identify as?
Right wing libertarian.
Right wing authoritarian.
Left wing libertarian.
Left wing authoritarian.

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