Will u survive an zombie apocalypse?

So, what would you have done if an zombie apocalypse would really happened in the real life? Would you joined the zombie apocalypse or try to stay alive and keep the human race alive as long as possible? Will you even survive?

Are you going to survive, are you going to die, are you going to transform into a zombie, yeah. The answers are in four oportiunities wich you will see if you are going to find out what's going to happen to you if an zombie apocalypse would come to Earth.

Created by: Makka
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What kind of place do you live in?
A city, much population.
A smaller city, quite much population.
In a town, with several population.
In a smal town, with a few thousands inhabitants.
In a village, maybe 25 - 300 inhabitants.
In the middle of nowhere...
4. Do you own any guns?
It's not leagal in my country...
5. How's your fooding health?
My health is great, I eat right food.
It's okay, I eat right food maybe some fast food once a month.
It's not that great, eating very bad things.
No good, doesn't eat anything good at all.
6. Are you good at runing, conditions etc?
No, I'm very bad at running, need to stop a few times.
I'm in an okay shape, I can run a long way but stop some time.
I can run without stoping for 20-30 minuets.
I can't run (disabled).
7. What would you do if one of your loved ones turned into a zombie?
I would shot, with no hesitation.
I would've shot, but with a sad look.
I would have locked in the one and feed him with other persons.
I would have run away.
8. If you would have met a group of strangers and got into trouble what would you do then?
I had helped them all the way.
I had helped them, but have a look on myself as well.
I would have abandoned the strangers.
9. Where would you've gone if the apocalypse really happened?
To the nearest police station!
To the hospital.
To my other family members.
Into the mall or galleria.
An abandoned building.
I would have fortifyed my home.
10. If you where with a group of strangers and knew you were turning into an zombie?
I would've shot myself.
I surley go on my own.
Didn't say anything and later become a zombie to eat the others.
11. If you had an helicopter and could fly it, where would you go then?
To the town next over mine.
I would have flied to an undiscovered island.
Fly as long as I can until I crash...
Fly to an military facility.
Somewhere in the forest/djungel.
To the police station, if the station have an chopper platform.
12. If you got to know that you were the only one that was a living human of all over the globe, what had you then done?
I would have killed myself in any way.
I might joined the zombie apocalypse.
Tried to stay alive for the rest of my natural life.
I would pray for God that He could get me out of this.

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