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  • RandP94...r u serious? Nazi Germany was Fascist.
    "The term fascist dictatorship is sometimes used interchangeably with the right-wing one."

    What typically happens is people like to confuse political ideology and economic systems...they are separate.

    Geesh. ..


    VforV May 8 '15, 5:00PM
  • I honestly can't decide. There's only one place that seems to be neutral and it's called Scenes of Reason, it's sole purpose is the be impartial and actually explain things, which for me I really need!

    Olivia Cap Apr 17 '15, 9:10AM
  • Caff68 Hitler was left wing economically. He fought against capitalism and proposed large public works projects that were funded by government money. I think your small brain is confusing Hitler's strict social policies as being right wing, when they're actually more authoritarian. Please stop pretending to be politically educated, you complete moron.

    RandP94 Mar 4 '15, 9:49AM
  • Haha someone's put that people are wrong to regard the BNP as right-wing, as they are self-confessed "National Socialists"!! Haha :-) Is anyone going to tell him about Hitler and his party? Dear dear.

    Caff68 Jan 15 '15, 4:58PM
  • Anonymous John, now he's all grown-up and mature, really thinks the Conservative Party have the "strongest economic policy". Well, all I can say to that, as someone who's more than twice his age but still don't consider myself to have grown up, is: "A-hahahahahahahaha hahahahaha" and damnit, people really shouldn't automatically be allowed to vote, just because they have completed 18 years on this earth. If he's so green that he honestly thinks raising VAT was ever going to help the economy to thrive and flourish, and doesn't know that the Tories borrowed more in 3 years than Labour did over THIRTEEN (or does know, and doesn't realise that makes them LESS good with the economy, not better), then maybe he should do the decent thing and go and educate himself a little before he takes advantage of the hard-fought-for privilege of voting.

    Caff68 Jan 15 '15, 4:54PM
  • I am apparently 91% Conservative. Even though this is relevant to the 2010 election, I think this sounds about right, as I will definitely be voting Tory in 2015. I am somewhat thankful that I was too young to vote in 2010, becuase if I was able to vote then I'd have voted Lib Dem or possibly even Labour. Now that I have matured and become more realistic, as opposed to idealistic, I have become more conservative fiscally, though I am more liberal with social issues. However, as the Conservatives have the strongest economic plan, and with this being a key issue, I have no choice but to vote Tory at the next election.

    Anonymous John Nov 27 '14, 7:00AM
  • I was 85% Green Party. If I lived in England I would probably vote that way. But I live in Scotland and vote SNP. Shame this quiz ruled out that option but, like many other "UK" things, it's not UK at all but England only. The UK is not a homogenous, unitary state with a shared perspective on politics. It's a multinational state and - if organisations wish to provide equal opportunities to everyone who resides in it - this must be recognised and reflected in their practice.

    EK man Oct 31 '14, 9:06PM

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