Which UK Political Party Am I?

The general election has been announced for May 6th, yet it is very apparent that many of the British public have no idea who to vote for. There are too many policies, and distinguishing between parties is very difficult.

This following quiz of 15 questions asks you about important topics, with a clear difference between each policy. It is accurate, with the policies taken directly from the parties manifesto, helping you decide with which British political party you most sit with.

Created by: Tom Randall of TomSpot
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3. ECONOMY: What should be done about the 178 billion pound structural deficit of the UK?
Aim to eliminate "most" of the UK’s structural deficit within five years.
Tackle the economic crisis in, four years, with fiscal stimulus, including VAT cut, infrastructure spending, stamp-duty holiday and car scrappage schemes.
Identify and cut £15bn of "lower priority" spending to protect front-line services while reducing structural deficit, in four years.
Clamp down on tax avoidance and tax havens and increase tax rates for high earners.
Replace basic and higher income tax and national insurance rates with a single, flat tax rate for everyone.
Selective exclusion of foreign-made goods from British markets and the reduction of foreign imports and increase taxes on firms which outsource work abroad.
4. IMMIGRATION: What should the approach be to immigration?
Ensure only immigrants who will "benefit the economy" will be admitted. Set up a Border Police Force with the power to stop, search, detain and prosecute and offer English language instruction for all.
Establish a points-based immigration system, and introduce compulsory ID cards for foreign nationals.
Create a National Border Force and reintroduce exit checks at all ports. Alongside this, create an "earned route" to citizenship for migrants who have been in the UK for 10 years and support a common EU asylum policy.
No restrictions on asylum-seekers taking work. Give asylum-seekers full welfare benefits and ensure that the criminal justice system does not engage in stereotyping
Freeze immigration for five years and triple the number of illegal immigrants deported. Require people to have uncovered faces in all public buildings and premises
Immediate halt to all immigration and immediate deportation of criminal and illegal immigrants. Offer legal immigrants financial incentives to return voluntarily to their countries of origin.
5. DEFENCE: Do you support the war in Iraq and Afghanistan? What should be done about our nuclear missiles?
Support military action in Afghanistan and Iraq. Commit to replacing Trident to maintain the UK’s independent nuclear deterrent.
Commit UK to military action in Afghanistan and Iraq, to end active UK military involvement in Iraq in the near future. Commit to replacing Trident to maintain the UK’s independent nuclear deterrent.
Oppose the war in Iraq and the strategy in Afghanistan is failing. Instead support political settlement with moderate Taliban to move towards ending the war in Afghanistan. Consider cheaper alternatives to Trident nuclear deterrent and halve the UK’s stockpile of nuclear warheads.
Immediate withdrawal of UK and NATO forces from Afghanistan, and seek global agreements against all WMD, particularly nuclear weapons.
Double the size of the Territorial Army and recruit 25,000 more troops. Reject moves towards a common EU defence policy. Supports nuclear missiles in Britain..
Withdraw British troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. Retain an independent nuclear deterrent
6. CRIME: What should be done to reduce crime?
Allow the police to use instant sanctions to deal with anti-social behaviour and strengthen stop and search powers to tackle knife crime. Add more that 15,000 prison places by 2014
Tougher sentences for knife crime and pledge to protect frontline police from budget cuts in 2011-2013. Add 15,000 prison places by 2014 through the UK’s largest ever prison-building programme.
Increase police numbers by 3,000 over five years and have annual fitness tests for police officers. Create a create a National Crime Reduction Agency to spread best practice through the force.
Increase the use of "restorative justice", bringing offenders together with victims to bring home the impact their crimes have on people’s lives. Tighten gun licensing rules and focus on the causes of crime by improving education, getting rid of "benefit traps" and improving youth facilities.
Give people a vote on policing priorities, prioritise beat policing, scrap the Human Rights Act and ensure sentences "mean what they say".
Re-introduce corporal punishment for petty criminals and vandals and introduce capital punishment for paedophiles, terrorists and murderers as an option for judges in cases where guilt is proven beyond dispute.
7. HEALTH: How should the NHS be run?
Increase health spending in real terms over a parliament and allow patients to choose any healthcare provider that meets NHS standards.
Protect frontline NHS from spending cuts. Ensure all people who suspect they have cancer get test results within one week and guarantee NHS patients the right to wait no longer than 18 weeks from the moment of GP referral to hospital treatment.
Replace Strategic Health Authorities with democratically elected local health boards with power to prevent hospital closures. Give payments for over-65s who require personal care such as help with dressing based on need, not ability to pay.
Reverse the increasing involvement of the private sector in the NHS. Introduce an "NHS tax" to make the level of funding for the NHS transparent and abolish prescription charges.
Reform the NHS with an "Insurance Fund", whilst upholding the "free at the point of care" principle. Withdrawal from EU working time directive to allow doctors to work longer hours.
Replace 100,000 NHS "bureaucrats" with doctors, nurses and dentists; committed to a free, fully funded NHS "for all British citizens". Bar foreigners from using the NHS.
8. EDUCATION: What improvements need to be made to our education system?
Allow charities, parent and teacher groups, and co-operatives to establish Academies – schools which are state funded but independent of local authority control. Create a "Pupil Premium", giving more money to schools that teach the poorest children and raise teacher training entry requirements. Allow state schools to offer the same international exams as private schools. Create 10,000 extra university places in 2010
Protect schools budget from spending cuts and introduce "Local Pupil Premium". Consider ways to widen access to universities, while retaining tuition fees; create 20,000 extra undergraduate university places in 2010-11
Replace Academies with "Sponsor Managed Schools", to be run by educational charities and private providers, but under local authority control, not Whitehall. Provide £2.5bn for a "Pupil Premium" for schools teaching the poorest pupils and eplace National Curriculum with a Minimum Curriculum Entitlement to allow teachers more flexibility. Scrap tuition fees for university over 6 years.
Remove public schools’ charitable status and provide state funding to them to make them accessible to all local children. Children with disabilities and special educational needs should be given the opportunity to attend their local school and require all schools to embrace a multi-faith perspective. Abolish the Academy programme and abolish tuition fees, providing students with grants for living expenses.
Establish a grammar school in every town and replace student loans with student grants. Scrap target of 50% of young people going to university and abolish compulsory Sex education, Citizenship and Personal, Social and Health education.
Allow schools to use corporal punishment and force pupils to wear uniforms. Reintroduce grammar schools, with entrance exams at 11 and 13. Force schools to hold daily Christian assemblies. Abolish university tuition fees and restore grants for students. Set up a compulsory military or community service scheme for school-leavers.
9. FAMILY: What approach do you take to British families and what should be done to support them?
Let parents share maternity leave and recognise marriage and civil partnerships in the tax system by 2015.
Provide £73 million to help low income families access childcare and oppose the reintroduction of the married couples tax allowance.
Allow parents to share maternity leave.
Support EU-wide working practices that allow more time for women and men to devote to family life and open up full civil marriage to same sex partners.
Merge Child Benefit, the Child Trust Fund, Child Tax Credits and the Education Maintenance Allowance into one enhanced Child Benefit payable for each of the first three children in each family.
Reintroduce the married couples allowance, to be paid to men; make joint custody of children the norm in divorce cases.
10. ENVIRONMENT: What measures need to be taken to combat climate change?
34% reduction in greenhouse gases emissions by 2020 and 80% cut by 2050. Create a "Green Investment Bank" to coordinate investment in green technology and speed up the planning process for new nuclear power plants. Make all homes energy efficient by 2016.
34% cut in greenhouse gases emissions by 2020 and 80% cut by 2050. Commit UK to participating in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). Commit £2bn for a "Green Bank" to encourage investment in renweable energy and change planning system to encourage a new generation of nuclear power stations.
40% reduction in greenhouse gases emissions by 2020 rising to 100% by 2050 and raise fuel duty in line with economic growth. Oppose new nuclear power plants and have effective insulation for all homes within decade.
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90% by 2030. Scrap nuclear power stations and have £45bn funding for "Green New Deal" with investment in renewables, smart metering, a smart grid and "feed-in" tariffs for energy consumers who also micro-generate their own renewable power. Energy efficiency measures for homes, schools and hospitals and remove incentives for bio-fuels.
Believe that theory of man-made climate change is not yet proven.
Blame environmental problems on overpopulation caused by immigration.
11. PENSIONS: What should be done to help the older generation?
Restore the link between the state pension and earnings and simplify the rules to encourage companies to offer pension schemes.
Restore the link between the state pension and earnings by 2012. Require employers to automatically enrol employees into either an in-house pension scheme or the state-run "Personal Accounts" scheme. Look to abolish retirement age.
Link annual increases in the state pension and either earnings or prices, whichever is higher in a given year. Scrap the default retirement ages
Replace state pension and Pension Credit with a non-means tested "Citizens Pension" linked to rises in earnings, funded by abolition of tax relief on private pension contributions. Encourage "Local Community Pension Schemes" investing in the local community and in public services, not the stock market. Abolish default retirement age.
Roll all existing state pensions, Pensions Credit and the Winter Fuel Allowance into a flat-rate non-means tested, non-contributory and non-taxable "Citizen's Pension."
Restore the link between state pensions and increases in earnings; ensure that elderly people do not have to sell their homes to pay for care.
12. HOUSING: How should the issues with housing be resolved?
Scrap house-building targets but incentivise building by matching local authorities’ council tax take for each new house for six years. Scrap Stamp Duty for first-time buyers on homes up to £250,000.
Build 200,000 new houses a year until 2016, then 240,000 a year until 2020. Keep stamp duty threshold at £125,000, but abolish it for people in home ownership schemes and scrap it for two years for first time buyers on homes up to £250,000.
Scrap regional house-building targets and allow local authorities to determine how many and what type of homes are needed in their area. Offer "Green Loans" for people to invest in home energy efficiency and micro-renewables.
Provide £6bn for local authorities to buy up and convert (or build) 60,000 new rental houses built to low carbon standards. Provide £3bn for local authorities to purchase homes threatened by repossession and rent them back to occupiers. Insulate all uninsulated houses over five years.
Support "no home no visa" work permits for immigrants, to reduce the demand for social housing.
Make all benefits and social housing only available to British citizens.
13. EUROPE: Where should we stand when positioning ourselves with the EU?
Pass a law to require a referendum on any future treaty that transfers power from Britain to the EU. Pass a UK Sovereignty Bill, to ensure ultimate authority stays in Parliament. Does not support the Euro.
Support Euro in principle, but only if five economic tests are met.
Strongly support continued EU membership. Support Euro membership in principle, but don't have plans for early entry.
Reform EU to avoid drift towards centralism.
Withdraw from the EU and enter into a Swiss-style free trade agreement with EU members. Oppose UK involvement in pan-European economic, defence, justice policies.
Withdraw from the EU and oppose membership of the Euro.
14. TRANSPORT: How will we meet increasing demands for better and quicker transport?
Develop a North-South high speed rail line and block the third runway at Heathrow. Break up BAA monopoly over airports in the South-East.
Propose a £30bn "Y-shaped" high-speed rail-line from London to Manchester and Leeds via Birmingham. Support third runway for Heathrow on condition that air quality, noise and carbon emissions reductions are on track. £10bn rail expansion programme planned for 2009-14, including £5.5bn for Thameslink, £600m to improve stations at Birmingham New Street and Reading and £150m for 150 other stations
Set up a Future Transport Fund to improve the public transport system, paid for by charging for road freight on motorways. Block third runway at Heathrow.
Bring the railway system back into public ownership and invest in track and rolling stock, and on urban tram schemes. Provide a £3bn subsidy to cut UK rail fares by one third and block all new airport runways, including third runway at Heathrow. Promote walking and cycling.
Use money released from leaving the EU to build new bypasses and fund road improvements and widening schemes. Invest in three new high-speed rail lines.
Invest in a high-speed, magnetic levitation, inter-city rail network.
15. CIVIL RIGHTS: How far should political parties go when interfering with our liberties?
Scrap ID cards and identity database. Replace the Human Rights Act with a British Bill of Rights. Support DNA database, but would ensure DNA from innocent people is removed.
Will require all foreign nationals to hold an ID card by 2011. Scrap plans for compulsory ID cards for everyone, but continue to register passport holders on a National Identity Database and to allow voluntary take-up of ID cards. Continue to support the DNA database, but would restructure it to ensure DNA from innocent people is removed and destroyed after a fixed period of between six and 12 years.
Introduce a written constitution, pending approval in a referendum, that defines and limits the power of government, including a Bill of Rights to protect individual rights. Allow parents to stop their children being fingerprinted at school.
Introduce a "Bill of Civil Rights and Liberties" based on the National Council for Civil Liberties’ Charter for Civil Rights and Liberties. Incorporate the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child into domestic law. Those accused of supporting terrorist acts should have normal rights against arbitrary arrest or imprisonment. Oppose ID cards.
Abolish the Human Rights Act and oppose ID cards and the identity database. Deport foreign nationals resident in the UK who are demonstrably a supporter of terrorism, subject to a single appeal.
Introduce a Bill of Rights guaranteeing "fundamental freedoms" and abolish the "Human Rights Act". Abolish restrictions on free speech, including bans on incitement to racial and religious hatred. Scrap ID cards and ensure that DNA from innocent people is not kept on record.

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