Which RCR team would you be on?

Maybe you always wanted to be a derby girl. Which team would you end up on? Maybe you are a derby girl and want to see what team you might have been on.

Oh my! What if you've been cheering for the wrong team this whole time, or on the wrong team. How embarassing. Are you ready to learn nothing (maybe something) about yourself, but willing to waste time on a RCR quiz?

Created by: Rose City Roller
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Why would you join a roller derby league?
The sense of community and respect.
It seems like fun and they have bar sponsors.
To prove woman can be strong and cute.
I get bored, I want to be out and social.
I got pressured into it by my friends.
4. what would you skate in?
All black all the time, this is for serious.
Something in virginal white, so you could see the blood.
Everyone loves animal print or checkers right?
Something shiny, or spakly, or bright.
As little as possible.
Sweats or yoga pants.
5. What would you to to improve your skating?
Keep my skates on all the time.
Crosstraining, of course.
Hire someone to help me.
Learn how to skate drunk so sober is cake.
Pray to the gods of skating.
6. How do you feel about injuries?
I plan on avoiding all injury. I like my teeth.
Injury, sminjury.
What's pain I forgot? You mean like November Pain?
You have to take care of yourself. Just in case.
I love injuries. A concussion and it's okay that I forgot the rules.
Wait, how serious are we talking here? Wait I quit.
7. What would it take to make you quit?
Never, never.
I'm planning on going to school, so I might have to.
Apparently, you can be kicked off?
I miss having a real life I have a family.
Am I going to get paid soon, if not, I'm out.
I'm just tired of derby, derby, derby.
8. Who would be your biggest fan?
My Ma and Pa are so proud.
Some weirdo stalker guy I'm sure.
I have so many, biggest? I don't know.
He'd be a potential boyfriend.
The other RCR girls
I make my boyfriend wear t-shirts that have my name on them.
9. What do you do for work?
You should see me in my work clothes, professional.
Stripper, Duh the outfits.
I hate my waitress/server job.
Um, something secret.
Derby girls have to have jobs?
10. What part of a derby girl do you envy/like the most?
Derby ass
Those legs, ah, those legs.
Injuries. Briuses are the new fishnets.
11. What would your name be? Something:
To do with the team theme.
Someone else picked for me.
12. Would you ever yell at a ref?
If he was blind.
It's against the rules, no.
Only if I get angry enough.
No, but I might approach him later to expain something I didn't understand.
Yeah, it's just too funny not to.

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