Drill Team Quiz #1

There are a lot of "Drill Team Members" but few "TRUE Drill Team members." What is a True Drill Team member? A True Dril Team member is someone who studies the word, pays attention in practice and is obediant to commanders.

Are YOU a True Drill Team Member? Do you have the brainpower to qualify for that prestigios title? Until Now you could only wonder, but in a few minutes you will find out!!!

Created by: Antuan Byers
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1. This Quiz should be fairly easy if you pay attention and follow directions. Are you ready?
2. If your drill team commander calls out this combination of cadents what should your result be? Left Face, About Face, Parade Rest, Orders Arms, Attention, Present Arms, Attention, Parade Rest
At a Left Face
"As you were Sir/Ma'am"
Parade Rest
None of the above
3. If a person who is NOT in your drill team tries to cut through your line and "breaks your rank" what do you do?
Slap the mess out of them
Put your hand up shoulderlenghth
Cry and throw a fit
Tell them they can NOT come through here and find another way.
Only 2 and 4
All of the Above
4. Finish the following song used at Congress 2007. To God, be the glory, to God. be the glory, to God, be the Glory for the things, _____ ________ _________
He Died For
He has done
Thats all folks
He has did
He den done
None of the above
5. What do you do when the command "dress right dress" is called?
Look to the right
Look to the left
Look to the right and touch the persons shoulder next to you
No Such Command
All of the Above
6. The National ___________ Congress of America
None of the above
7. Who is over the NBCOA Drill Teams
Oscor Alejandra
Billy Bob Johnson
Shanqueta Sha Na Na
Oscor Alexis
None of the above
8. ...I will try to walk a _______ path but how I need Gods Help...
None of the Above
9. ... Help me to Refuse the ________ and _________ things...
nasty, dirty
low, high
low, vulgar
All are incorrect
10. I Pledge Allegence to the ___________ Flag, unto the Savior for who's Kingdom it stands. One Savior, Crucified, Risen, and coming again with Life, and Liberty to All who dont believe.
Christian Flag
American Flag
Pledge to the Bible
Drill Team Pledge
None of the Above

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