Which Ratatouille character are you?

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ladymalfoy said:
Feb 17 '15, 11:05AM

Skinner 76%

The only thing that isn't true is "you can cook".

logan2010 said:
May 16 '10, 3:34AM

iam rate this quiz 10/10 because i like remy and that movie i have rat name remy acualy normal quiz

piscean1 said:
May 12 '10, 12:01AM

Which Ratatouille character are you?
Your Result: Gusteau
You are Gusteau. You are an excellent cooker. You help people when they can't cook, and you are famous for it. You own a now 3 star restaurant in Paris. Your favorite food: Ratatouille.

Ansa89 said:
May 2 '09, 5:09PM

cool quiz. i'm colette.

Rockstar29 said:
Jan 4 '09, 3:42PM

Nice quiz.

horsey123 said:
Jul 20 '08, 1:48PM

pretty good quiz.

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