Which One Direction Boy Is For You?

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shauna matthews said:
Jun 1 '15, 7:13AM

this i what i got Which One Direction Boy Is For You?
Your Result: Zayn Malik

result Zayn is the laid-back 'i don't care' boy of One Direction. He may seem like he doesn't want much to do with stuff but inside beats a heart of a true romantic.

PUTZthecat100 said:
May 26 '15, 2:01AM

i got 77% Harry Styles
and 77% Nial Horan
Harry is my favorite i don't lik nial
at least i didnt get zayn hes my least favorite

madhuri said:
May 22 '15, 5:53AM

i love yoy niall

madhuri said:
May 22 '15, 5:52AM

hi niall i am your biggest fan

shauna matthews said:
May 19 '15, 6:47AM

i love liam and i love him

imawesome2002 said:
Apr 22 '15, 10:01PM

Yay I got Liam I really like Louis though but I don't have a real favorite I love all of them One Direction's bpys

Jyoti biswas said:
Apr 19 '15, 6:45AM

Zayn!! Yaay!!

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