Which Mythical creature resembles your persona?

I've seen a lot of quizes around that say they compaire your personality to that of mythical creatures, But I've yet to see one I really liked, so I figured I'd make one myself.

Do you like mythical creatures? Have you ever considered becoming one. This quiz will tell you which mythical creature you are most like. There are many hundreds of mythical creatures out there, if you really want to know, so why not figure out. Have fun and answer as honestly as you can.

Created by: Caitlin of Destiny Bites
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. How often do you go out with your friends on the weekends?
Once in a while
Almost every weekend.
Everyweekend, afterschool, we always hang out!
4. When you go to a school dance, or if you used to go to school dances you usually:
Stay to the sides, I feel uncomfterbul around people.
Stay close to my friends, but I try not to be noticed.
Hang out and dance with my friends, why not? Its a party.
Dance my heart out- I love being the center of attention.
I stay near the punch, it's at good place to mingle.
I stay away from the music, I don't like dancing, but I hang out with my friends mostly.
5. If a person comes to you and tells you they like your boy/girl friend, you would react by:
running away
braking up with my current partner
telling then to back off
getting violent
apoligising for hurting them, but letting them know it's not going to change
insulting then, and running to my partner to let them know.
6. At school/work theres a terrible rumor going around about you, it's not at all true. you:
Freek out and start to cry.
Got to my friends and ask for advice.
Ignore it, it will go away eventually
Try to avoid people for the next few days.
Joke around about it and be overly sarcastic so people dont believe it at all
Get even with whoever started the rumor.
7. My emotional state is usually:
Pretty lonely,
Kinda bi-polar
My mood is always changing, I cant stariotype it
Shy, people make me nervious
Understanding - level headed
depressed- emo
8. My Favorite type of weather is
Hot and sunny
Windy and sunny
Nice and cool
Cold with snow on the ground but not falling
9. My favorite atmosphere is:`
Mountains, I love to go to the mountains
Forests, I love the woods
Siara, I love the desert
Lakes, I love to be near the water
Oceans, I love the sea
City, anywhere else is too quiet.
10. In my spare time I like to:
Go play sports
Do art,
Study or read
hang out with friends
Go shopping
11. My fav color is ...
One of these: Blue, green, brown
One of these: Red, orange, pink
One of these: Puple, black, grey
One of these: Gold, Silver, Bronz
One of these: Yellow, Tan, white
I don't have a favorite, I appreceate all colors equilly.
12. I tend to
run from comitment
get close to people I like
Suround myself with people I find mentally stimulating
I shy away from people, because I'm shy
Stay away from people they scare me.
Get close to as many people as possible, the more the better.

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