Which LOST Character Are You?

You've crashed on an island similiar to the one in LOST. You're placed in different scenario's where you are forced to choose. Which LOST character are you? Find out!

But you might not like this quiz if you are not a LOST fan. You can still take it, but some of the end results may confuse you. But tune in to FOX 50's LOST, for an awsome show!

Created by: Billy
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3. One of your fellow crash mates is drowning, and doesn't have much time. At the same time, a plane is goin by overhead. You can use your flares, or save him/her. What do you do?
Leave her. She would want me to be rescued.
Rescue her. There will be other planes.
Rescue her, but set the flares before you leave.
Don't do anything. Disision making is to tough.
4. You just crashed on a dessert island. The first thing you do is:
Make sure you're okay.
Make sure everyone else is okay.
Look around.
Make sure you have plenty of rations.
5. One of your crash mates is sick, and another has the cure. What do you do?
Get on your knees and beg.
Torture him.
Kill him.
Threaten him.
Do nothing.
6. After two days your food supply from the plane is runnign low. What do you do?
Go hunting.
Resort to cannibalism and eat the fattest crash mate.
Resort to suicide instead of starving.
Do nothing.
7. You've just discovered life on the island. What do you do?
Investigate. If you discovered them, they could discover you.
Go in with guns.
8. You're getting paranoia because of the "others". So now it's time to look for a new location What do you think?
Somewhere with water.
Somewhere with lots of trees.
Somewhere off the island. (You can dream can't you?)
Don't move.
9. You have been rescued! You come home, and everyone greets you with open arms. What now?
Go back to my life!
I've seen to much to ever be the same.
Live as a hermit.
Go back, life is empty without it.
10. Your back on the island, but noone wants you back.
Oh well, see yeah.
I came, now I'm staying.
Visit on holidays.
Commit suicide.
11. One of your crash mates is giving birth. What do you do?
Think, oh god, I hope it isn't mine!
Spring into action as a doctor.
Yell at someone to do something.
Do nothing.
12. Your leader just died. What do you do?
Ty to claim the position before anyone else.
Hope noone finds out you killed him.
Mourn with everyone else.
Investigate the cause.

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