Which Hereos Character are you?

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Heroesfan said:
Feb 14 '16, 2:20AM

Peter is so hotti!!!!!!!

destiny14 said:
Oct 16 '14, 9:00AM

Cool quiz I got Claire Bennet

stephanie10 said:
Feb 7 '10, 2:02PM

yay!!1 I love his power n i like him so much!!!!

Ansa89 said:
May 22 '09, 7:44PM

got peter! cool!

no1heroesfan said:
Jan 10 '09, 12:22PM

ye get in peter patrelli!!!! wow

RavenclawHouse said:
May 7 '08, 2:33PM

Peter Petrelli! Yay!

StingFan said:
Apr 28 '08, 8:49PM

Damn it! I was hoping I'd wind up with Claire Bennet! Oh well.

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