Which Hereos Character are you?

The NBC show, Heroes, shows how ordinary people across the globe discover supernatural abilities and realize that they're all meant for something more.

Did you ever think that you had super powers or wished you had super powers? Take this quiz to find out which character from the show, Heroes, is your personality most like.

Created by: Hasan
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3. You have just found out that you have a strange new power that you had never thought possible. What do you do?
You go and tell someone you trust, hoping that they understand. Maybe a loved one can help you figure out what's happening to you.
You feel excited. You can't wait to try out your new power and use it to your advantage.
You are confused about it. You don't understand what's happening to you. You have to hide your new ability, before someone finds out about it and labels you as a freak.
You have been given this power for a reason. You must use it to help mankind.
4. You unexpectedly meet another hero and you realize that you're not the only one anymore. How do you react?
You start to realize that you're all connected somehow. You are meant for something greater.
You feel relieved. You're not the only one left anymore.
You're upset. Now you're not as special anymore.
These other people are a danger to you and to the world. You want nothing else to do with them.
This really doesn't affect your outlook on you problems. You're still confused about what's happening to you.
5. The new hero that you have just met tells you that you are the key to saving the world. You are the only one who can do it. How do you react?
You don't understand. What are you supposed to do?
They must be mistaken. You're nothing special.
Yes! This is the oppurtunity you've been waiting for. Finally, you can prove yourself.
Who cares about the world? You need to save yourself.
6. Read the following powers and reasons for possessing them and decide which one you'd rather have. Please note that the powers aren't necessarily associated with the hero who holds them so make your decision based on the reasoning behind each ability.
Your prefered power would be to read minds, because you are always suspicious of the people around you and would like to know if they are lying.
Your prefered power would be persuasion. You could become the most powerful person in the world if everyone had to do exactly what you said.
Your prefered power would be telekinesis. It woulb be the most useful in a fight and you always seem to be getting into scrapes.
There are so many powers. You don't know which one to choose. You just need a power that you can use to help save the world.
You don't want a power. You just want to be normal.
7. One of your friends comes up to you and shows you their powers. You've never heard of any such powers before. In all reality, how would you react.
You think that they must have set up the trick somehow. That kind of thing doesn't exist.
After you see their power you'd believe them. You always knew that these kinds of things existed.
After you see their power you'd be scared of them. What a freak!
You'd be jealous. Why do they have such awesome powers when you don't.
8. You are one among hundreds of people who possess special powers. Today, you find out that the government is arresting people with powers on the terms of terrorism.
You're the strongest hero of them all. None of those normal people could possibly hold you!
You have to gather the rest of the heroes and hold a revolution and stop the inevitable genocide.
You have to hide among normal people and never use you powers again. Maybe the government won't find you there.
You won't give up your powers entirely, but you won't flaunt them wither by holding some sort of revolution. If you hide among other people with powers then you'll be safe.
The government is doing a good job. The heroes are dangerous and must be supressed.
9. What do you think having such powers could mean?
These people with powers are random individuals who are tied together by destiny and are meant for something greater in life.
These people with powers are freaks of nature, accidents.
These people with powers are an evolution of the species. They are superior to normal people.
10. If you were walking down a deserted street at night and saw an innocent lady being mugged, which of these powers do you think would be most useful in the situation (Again, base your answer on the reasoning behind the powers) ?
The power of invisibility so you can get away safely and alert the authorities about the crime.
The power to create illusions. It's better to confuse your enemies and plan strategically.
The power of super strength. Anyone who picks on innocent women deserves to be beaten up!
The power to stop time and teleport so you can get away safely. Who cares about the woman. It's none of your business.
11. You have the power to paint the future. One day you paint a picture of you own gory death. How do you react?
This is impossible. Nobody could possibly kill you!
You are horrified! How could this happen? How can you stop it?
But you can't die yet! You still have much to do!
You come to terms with it. If it is your destiny to die, then you will die.
You are immediately suspicious. Who will kill you? You must stop them!
12. It is one hundred years after your death. How would you like people to remember you as?
The person who eliminated all heroes and thus saved the world from the danger they presented.
The person who saved the world and united the heroes with other people.
You don't want people to remember you. You just want to live a normal life.
The world must always remember you as the powerful person who was feared by everyone!

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