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Quizzes on the show Heroes - did you watch? What power would you have?

Our Heroes Quizzes

  • Which Heroes character are you?
    [by: Grant, rated: rated: 3.54/5, published: Mar 1, 2007]

    Have you ever wondered if you had special powers? The people on NBC's heroes have to go through this strange experience. Find out which Heroes character you…

  • Which Hereos Character are you?
    [by: Hasan, rated: rated: 3.5/5, published: May 10, 2007]

    The NBC show, Heroes, shows how ordinary people across the globe discover supernatural abilities and realize that they're all meant for something more.

  • Are You A Heroes Expert?
    [by: XoAilsaOx, rated: rated: 3.37/5, published: Apr 20, 2009]

    This quiz determines how well you know the American TV Show, Heroes!! As we all know, Heroes is one of the best TV shows ever, so see how well you know about…

  • What Heroes show character are you?
    [by: Deborah, rated: rated: 2.92/5, published: Nov 21, 2006]

    There is evolution happening all around us and the show "Heroes Genesis" shows that evolution jumps randomly and is not neat. Even if you dont believe in…

  • Which Hero Are You?
    [by: jms, rated: rated: 2.79/5, published: Apr 5, 2007]

    From the hit NBC tv series comes the Hit Heroes Tv quiz. Try it for yourself to determine what hero you would become and what hero best relates to you.

  • how much do you know about heroes?
    [by: smarteekendra, rated: rated: 2.72/5, published: Apr 11, 2011]

    I made this quiz because I love the show 'Heroes'! Do you like the show too and think you know as much about it as I do? Do you think you are a 'Heroes'…

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