Which FFXIV race are you?

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Find out if you have what it takes to carve your own path in Eroza! What were you born to be? Elezen? Lalafell? Hyur? Roegadyn? Miqo'te? Take this quiz to find out! seriously I worked hard to make it accurette for you! No "pick your result"s only honest answers!

Are you nocturnal? Diurnal? live in lush lands? or baren wastelands? Which FFXIV character suits you? find out by taking this quiz! I worked hard to make it accurette for you! No "pick your result"s only honest answers!

Created by: Melissa
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Do you prefer to be alone? or do you prefer to be around people?
I don't like to hang out with others, but I will if I'm invited
I love people! You couldn't find a friendlier person than me!
I preffer to be alone I really don't like anyone.
It's hard to be alone, but I enjoy to hang out with people, and a little alone time once in awhile.
It's interesting to be around people and hang out, but a little time to gather my thoughts isn't bad either.
I enjoy the company of others, and a little bit of roughousing is good for friendship!
4. What do you think would be best as your career? (not all choices may apply, please pick the closest one.)
Hunter/tracker/something dealing with the outdoors, and/or nature.
Commercial fisherman, sailing, navy, national guard. anything to do with the ocean or displaying my brute strength.
Social worker, job helping the community, community service, hard labor. anything to help others.
technology, science, language, anything challanging my intelect or helping others attain freedom!
member of a monarchist government, inspector, apraiser.
Theif, criminal, trouble maker.
5. Do you Prefer the Night? or the Day? Do you like Sunlight?
I'm completly Nocturnal, I'm really bothered by the sun. I much rather have moonlight than sunlight.
The sun doesn't really bother me but I preffer to stay out of it completly. I can live without it.
I don't mind the sun. it's nice but I have other things to worry about.
I like getting up in the day, but I like the night life as well.
I love the sun! the day wouldn't be as beautiful without it!
I can't live without the sun! I love how warm it feels, and how everything thrives of her!
6. which Erozen, god would you worship/blelife would you follow?
Volcano's are gates to hell
Someone similar to the catholic god+saints
Azeyma the Warden, Goddess of the Sun
Menphina the Lover, Goddess of the moon
Worship with my large family.
7. What is your best/favorite feature?
My striking eyes!
my distinct appearance!
Tan or Dark skin!
8. Favorite/best feature continued...
Ability to hear faint noises
Ability to see far distances
Huge strength
fair skin
9. Feature continued....
earthy toned hair color
war paint
Girthy and steely
keen sight
gemstone/jewlery worn on center of forehead
10. Are you tall or short?
I'm very tall! 6'+
I'm on the taller side.
I'm a decent height >5'
I'm on the short side
I'm short >4'
I'm Hight impared.
11. Do you have abnormal ears?
I have cat ears :3
I have long pointy elf ears
I have short pointy ears
My ears are normal
I have big ears
I have small ears
12. The last two questions were filler questions. That being said, this one is as well meaning doesn't count towards your answer. what race are you hoping to be?
Miqo'te~! :3 kitty all the way~!
Hyur. I like being a normal human.
Lalafell! because I'm so cute
Roegadyn! Big and huge!
Elezen, noble and refined.
I don't want to jynx my result, and want an honest result.
13. What is your Gender? (making sure guys get guys and girls get girls unless you don't care then select last answer)
It doesn't matter

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