Which DeathNote character are you?

Death Note the anime had some of the most fascinating characters anime has ever shown us. This is quite self-explanatory, the quiz helps you decide which character resembles you the most, ideologically and morally. I've based this on some fundamental psycho-analysis and my understanding of the Death Note characters. Enjoy

Are you a Death Note fan? Have you been ambiguous as to how you'll act if the situation was imposed on you? Take this quiz to find out which Death Note character resembles your personality the most.

Created by: Raza of this site
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3. You find 10 dollars.
You keep it without hesitation or guilt.
You keep half, spending the other have on a good cause.
You give it all away.
You walk right by it, not picking it up.
You look for it's owner.
4. On a stormy night, you find an old woman and a young male who looks ill. You can save one:
You save the woman.
You save the man.
You save neither.
5. Your views on human cloning
6. Your views on God
Omnipotent entity, he exists.
Does not exist, ficticious
7. Ethics are
Essential laws
Useless limitations
8. Life has no essential purpose
9. Co-beneficial relationships are
Symbiotic Connections which can be altered and used
Pathetic lies
10. My culture
Holds no significance
Is beautiful, I embrace it
Is ever-evolving, unadaptable
A lie, an opinion.
11. Science is
Analytical, our way of explaining everything
The Truth
12. You are thirsty and a stranger offers you a drink you've never tried before. You may die of thirst of you refuse it
I drink knowing the risks
I politely refuse to drink and die
I kill the stranger and drink his blood, I live on
I break the glass, and kill myself with it

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