which hannah montana character are you?

have you ever wondered wihich hannah montana character you are most like? well now you can find out! take the quiz and get a detailed answer of which character best reflects your personality

are you miley? are you hannah? are you lily? are you oliver? or are you jackson? now you can find out! get a detailed idea of which character you are most like! take the quiz NOW!

Created by: natalie
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3. your family arrange to watch a film together, but your friend calls and invited you to sleep over. you...
tell him/her you can't, and explain you have family plans.
are torn. it takes a bit of persuasion from both sides, but eventually you feel guilty and stay home.
ask nicely if you can go, and even though you feel a bit guilty, it doesn't stop you having fun with your friend.
go to your friends, but spend all night worrying about if your decision upset anybody.
go, your family probably won't mind.
4. your perfect weekend is...
spent at home, in your pyjamas watching films and playing video games.
with your family
spent rocking out! singing, dancing and being active!
at the beach, soaking up the sun, swimming in the sea and eating ice-cream!
making sandwiches for 2 days straight
5. your in a restaurant and can order anything you like. you choose...
something classy like mussels or seafood. if you can pick anything you may as well use this oppourtunity wisely :)
yummy pasta
something like chicken or fish
a big cheeseburger
6. the animal you'd mostly compare yourself to is a...
chameleon- you have split, hidden personalities, but you're totally colourful
puppy dog- cute and cuddly, you love playing and having fun
a monkey- natures daredevil, you're cheeky and cheerful
duck- there simple and pretty cool
koala- you sleep all day and even when you are awake, you don't do much
7. favourite colour is...
8. you would most describe yourself as...
smokin.... ;)
lazy... AND PROUD!
9. which thing means the most to you?
leading a normal life, enjoying it and living it to the max!
expressing your creativity, bright lights and parties!
you best friend, friendship as a whole, and doing things with your friends
getting good grades, meeting good people and seeing and doing good things
sleeeeeeeeeeping, money and your mates
10. your favourite hannah montana song is...
best of both worlds
life's what you make it
true friend
who said
pumping up the party
11. you're most likely to say...
sweet niblets
you ready to rock?!
that is so cool!
i don't care
12. your favourite ice cream flavour is...
mint choc chip
toffeee crunch

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