What Type Of Kira Would You Be?

When Light Yagami came across the Deathnote, he brought chaos into this world. He was truly evil. or was he? After all, he did wield the power to kill anyone and he chose to use it for killing criminals. what type of Kira was he?

What type of Kira would YOU be? How would you choose to use the awesome power of the Deathnote? Until now, you didn't really care, but with this quiz, it is possible to find out what this world would have to deal with should you ever come across the deadly notebook...

Created by: Lily
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3. A man in your town kills another man along with two teens. This man has a family of 3 kids and a wife. Give a verdict.
OMG, he has to die! I don't want him coming after me and my money.
Wait until the court date, then look into their verdict and implement it.
He killed another human, so he must die.
4. Who would you kill first after getting the notebook?
People who were mean to me in grade school.
People who i know have comittede malicious crimes and have gotten away with them.
Anyone who has comitted a crime and I know of it.
5. Would you kill Paris Hilton?
Yes, she is a slut.
Why? She hasn't commited any evil deeds.
She doesn't contribute enough to society even though she has the resources to do so, so yeah, I'm gonna kill her.
6. Which movie would you go see?
V for Vendetta
Mean Girls
7. Pick a saying.
Use it or lose it!
Out of many, one.
Two people can keep a secret, but only if one of them is dead.
8. If your friend got a boyfriend/girlfriend before you, would you be jealous?
Heck yes, i'm the better looking one, after all.
I'd be irked, but I wouldn't tell'em.
Yes, I would. I'd try to get a better boyfriend/girlfriend.
9. What do you think of affirmative action?
I think it's completely unfair because it gives special treament to minorities. Finacial aid should ONLY be available to those who need it based on money and grades, not ethnicity.
It's complete bull. It claims to uphold a sense of equality, but it's just racial profiling in disguise.
Umm, what's that?
10. If these three were running for president of the world, who would you vote for and why?
Adolf Hitler, because he wanted to purify the world of scum.
Napoleon Bonaparte, because he believes in hard work.
Hilary Duff, so she can srew up and the world can hate her.
11. If you could meet Alexander the Great, what would you say?
you are hot!! XD
I hate your way of thinking.
Kudos. You nearly took over the world, now I'm going to do the same, except I'll actually succeed.
12. What is money to you?
It's my first and only love!
Money makes the world go round. Sadly enough.
It's the root of all evil and I like it.
13. Lastly, how would you want to die?
I don't wanna die! TT_TT
I'm not going to die.
In my sleep...

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