Which Classic Disney Character Are You

Disney has more characters than we can count - after all, they've been in the entertainment business for a long time now. But none of them have been quite so popular, recognizable, or endearing as Mickey Mouse and his gang of friends (and rivals).

Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, or Goofy - which do you think you're most like? Take this quiz and find out where you fit in the happiest place on earth!

Created by: AniRemi
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3. Which of the following is important to you?
Making people smile
Showing my friends and family how much they mean to me
Never letting anyone get the best of me
Succeeding at what I set out to do
Having a good time
4. You pay for a 95 cent soda with a $5, but the cashier only gives you 5 cents in return. When you protest, the cashier says, “You paid with a $1.” He gets very snide and sarcastic when you try to argue the point. You're most likely to...
Suggest that the cashier look at the bill he just put in the cash drawer.
Call for a manager's help.
Lose your patience and demand the cashier give you correct change.
Remind the cashier that the customer is always right, and threaten to report him to his superior if he does not listen to you.
Leave, perplexed, and check your wallet. Maybe you really did give him a $1.
5. While leaving for work, you accidentally back your car into the neighbor’s prized Japanese maple sapling. You’re most likely to...
Frantically try to replace the tree before the neighbor notices.
Leave an apologetic note on their door.
Curse under your breath and drive away. You can't be late for work; you'll explain later.
Jump out of the car to make sure the tree didn't scratch the paint.
Are you kidding? That early in the morning, you wouldn't notice if you backed into the neighbor's house!
6. What is your idea of a good Saturday?
Out on the town with a friend or a loved one.
Staying indoors with a good book or a movie.
Going out for a leisure sport, like fishing or volleyball.
Calling my friends to see if they're doing anything fun, and joining them.
Practicing a creative hobby at home, or taking a class for one.
7. Your favorite outfit is...
Something classic, with bold colors.
Anything that makes me feel like I look great.
Whatever suits the occasion.
Something trendy.
Something comfortable and quirky, possibly with mismatched colors.
8. You arrive at a high-profile party, and for no apparent reason, the hostess gives you a very cold, rude greeting. You're most likely to...
Ignore the hostess. You don't have to acknowledge that kind of meanness.
Recoil and worry about what you did to warrant such treatment.
Angrily demand an explanation or apology.
Make an equally rude remark.
Laugh it off. No harm done, and she was probably joking anyway.
9. At a family picnic, what are you most likely to be doing?
A little bit of everything - grilling hot dogs, amusing the kids, greeting the family...
Offering hugs and sweet tea to all my relatives.
Staging a water balloon battle with some cousins and siblings.
Catching up and gossiping with a small group of relatives.
Wowing the kids with my awesome skateboard or yo-yo tricks.
10. You have an important assignment due Friday morning. It's Monday. How are you going to tackle this?
Put it off for a day or two, start when I feel like it, and still finish on time.
Get to work on Monday night and be done by Wednesday.
Put it off until Thursday night.
Get to work right away, but get distracted or bored, finally finishing at the last minute.
Forget it completely until the last minute. Maybe not even that soon.
11. Your idea of a fun romantic date?
Whatever your date wants to do is okay with you!
Getting away by yourselves for a little while - watching a sunset, maybe.
Chillaxing with a TV movie and popcorn.
You want to go somewhere new and exciting together!
Scavenger hunt!
12. How do you like this quiz so far?
I'm having fun!
It's great; you did a nice job putting it together!
To be honest, I have other things I could be spending time on.
Well, I could waste my time on worse things. This is pretty fun.
Gosh, I want to make one of these!
13. Scientists have confirmed that a giant meteorite will strike the earth within 48 hours and possibly, but not certainly, decimate the entire population of your city. For some random reason, evacuation is not possible. What will you be doing in the 5 minutes before the strike?
Calling my family and friends to ensure that they're taking cover in any way they can.
Gathering with my loved ones and waiting.
Rounding all my family and friends up and get them to any shelter we can find.
Waiting outside to see the meteor.
Sleeping in.
14. That meteor from the last question? It passed by. Now what?
Open up the best wine!
Hugs for my loved ones.
Grumble about the doomsaying media and their scare tactics.
Call all my friends and make sure they're all right.
What meteor?

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