What Disney Heroine Are You Most Like?

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We will always remember the classic disney heroine for the rest of our lives. If it was Tinkerbelle, Esmeralda, Belle or even Ariel they will always have a special place in our hearts. Of course we like to compare ourselves to these ladies because of they're beauty or courage, maybe both. Its universal.

But are you really comparable to them? Take this quiz to find out who you are most like. Is it the Poppy Tinkerbelle? The Mysterious Esmeralda? The Beautiful Belle or the Adventurous Ariel?

Created by: amazon
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3. You are in school and your teacher is on a nonstop rant about biology; which you could care less about. What do you do?
I pay attention to the teacher and take notes on anything important.
I daydream about the next time I'll be able to see my crush.
I talk to the person next to me and tune the teacher out.
You cast flirty glances to boys sitting around you and take notice of all the dirty looks girls are sending your way.
4. Your about to go on a date you have a line of perfume sitting on your bathroom counter. You can't decide which one to wear. Which do you choose?
A warm Spicy Cinnamon
A light floral Lavender
A fun Wild Honeysuckle
A citrusy Orange
5. Your parents have just grounded you and your not allowed to go out tonight. What do you do?
I make a plan on sneaking out when they're asleep.
I cry about it but later on I dismiss their approval and go out anyway.
I talk them out of making me stay and end up being allowed to go out.
I take the punshment but can't help but wonder what it would have been like to have some fun.
6. Your out shopping and a specific item catches your eye. What is it?
A kick nack that you've never seen before but can't help but find it interesting.
A diamond ring cut and colored to your liking.
A rare book that you have been searching for everywhere.
A bright colorful scarf thats silky to the touch.
7. You have recently fallen in love and you cant help but talk about him to all your friends. How do you describe him?
He's so kind and friendly. Sure he's a little rough around the edges but that makes him better.
He's handsome and adventurous. He's able to have fun and loves to play music.
He's trickster and likes to pull pranks on people, but he's harmless. He's a leader knows everyone thats everyone.
He's my other half. He has my sense of humor and is always there to help me out. I can count on him for anything.
8. You look in the mirror and take notice on how you look. How would you describe yourself?
Long dark thick hair, tan skin and dark eyes
Light skin color, wide dark eyes and dimples
Short hair and a little face, very petite
Bright hair color and a pretty smile
9. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
The Carribean. The water's so nice and cool, but I could also lay out on the sand if I wanted to.
The city. I love all the culture and hustle bustle.
The country. I love the peacefullness of it all.
Hollywood. Seeing all the paparazzi and stores gives me a high.
10. Your friend just got in trouble for something that you did. What do you do?
Tell them that it was you who did it and endure the consequences without any complaints.
Go run and ask someone to help you and your friend out.
Take matters into your hands and think of a way that could get both of you out of this mess.
Tell them it was your fault but then refuse punishment.
11. Here's the age old question, but what is your favorite color out of the four?
12. Did you like this quiz?
It was okay.

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