Am I a Mousejunkie? Quiz #1

There are many people who claim to enjoy Walt Disney World, but there are few who claim to be Mousejunkies. Are you among the few, the proud, the obsessed?

Are YOU a Mousejunkie? Do you consider Mickey ears to be formal wear? Think you can match wits with the most dedicated Disney fan? Take the Mousejunkies quiz and see!

Created by: Bill Burke of Mousejunkies
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3. What oversized fowl lends its appendages to the Magic Kingdom's renowned "turkey" legs?
Everyone knows it's emu.
Bluejays. Big ones.
Duh, it's turkey.
Genetically enhanced chickens.
Big Bird and his offspring.
Farm-raised ostrich.
4. What happens if someone gives birth in the Magic Kingdom?
The infant is given a lifetime pass to WDW.
The parents are immediately charged the additional park entry fee.
If it's a boy, the child is officially named Walt. If it's a girl, Lillian.
Cast members are called to clean the immediate area and the patients are taken to a hospital.
A tiny set of Mickey ears are duct-taped to the child's head.
The child is presented with a baby bottle filled with Dole Whip.
5. How many years did it take to grow the Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom?
26 years - Roy Disney planted the seedling on the opening day of WDW in 1971.
18 months - it is the fastest growing breed of plant known to man. Plus, pixie dust.
Uh, yeah. It's fake.
107 years - it's a tree transplanted from the yard Walt Disney grew up in in Marcelline, Missouri.
The exact number if years is unknown. It was flown in from Kenya.
6. Which of these countries is part of Epcot's World Showcase?
Grand Duchy of Fenwick.
7. What is the name of the body of water in front of the Magic Kingdom?
Walt's Water
The Atlantic Inland Sea
Pinnochio Pond
Bay Lake
The Seven Seas Lagoon
The "It's a Small" Pond
8. What is the name of the Irish-themed restaurant at Downtown Disney?
Raggity Ranch
Raglan Road
Bill's Second Home
Ruckus Avenue
9. What is the name of Disney's original Vacation Club resort?
Sucker Central
Pixie Dust Villas
Bavarian Bed n' Breakfast
Saratoga Springs
Old Key West
Sleepy's Slumber Shack
10. Other than a restaurant at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, what is a 'Boma'?
A fence.
A dance.
The name of an ancient tribe of African herdsmen.
The name of the housing complex Disney's college program students live in.
A slang term for a shift supervisor at a Disney theme park.
The technical name for the concrete track the monorails ride on.
11. At what Walt Disney World restaurant can you order 'grapefruit cake?'
Chef Mickey's
Hollywood Brown Derby
Mama Melrose's
Monk's Diner
Senor McSpicy's Itaian Cantina
12. Where is the best place to take a nap in any of Walt Disney World's theme parks? (According to the book, 'Mousejunkies,' due out next spring.)
The Magic Kingdom steam train
The Hall of Presidents
The Carousel of Progress
Spaceship Earth
Ellen's Energy Adventure
Sounds Dangerous

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