which celebrity is like u?

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ange said:
Apr 20 '12, 5:47AM

Roshen Fegan. Who's that?
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InfinityGAL said:
Feb 25 '12, 8:31PM

Justin Bieber. Okay then. But you could've put other actors that are NOT from Disney.

flyer586 said:
Feb 3 '12, 4:30PM

Bella Thorne...

melinaa said:
Jan 22 '12, 2:23PM

Debbie Ryan...eww

izme said:
Jan 21 '12, 9:43PM

i got mitchel musso i love him

Happypants123098 said:
Jan 20 '12, 4:16PM

Denny Ryan? Was this quiz made for 6 yr olds?

ConverseCutie887 said:
Jan 15 '12, 11:09AM

LOL why did i get Justin Bieber???? Eh who cares i like him anyways xDD

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