Which Arrested Development character are you?

Arrested Development was the best sitcom of all times. Find out which character you match up with. They put the fun back in dysfunctional! Are you a nevernude? a lush? a mastermind? a mama's boy?

Have you ever wondered what role you would play in a dysfunctional family? Try my Arrested Development quiz and find out! Why was it taken off the air? Why? WHY?

Created by: amazon
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3. You find out that your family business is going under due to illegal activity. Do you
try and keep it together for the family.
send your maid out for another case of liquor.
plan a magical extravaganza to wow the board members.
get the company checkbook. Better get what you can now!
try to kiss your hot cousin. Anything goes now!
comb mother's hair.
4. You are wanted for questioning in the illegal goings on of your company. Do you
go into hiding. They'll never catch you now!
try and work with them. It's the only way to keep the business on track.
What? They want to question me? About what?
pretend you know nothing and get your family to take the fall.
think, "I don't know anything anyways, perhaps another Margharita?"
escape to "Mexico" in the trunk of a car.
5. You think the head of your family company might be hiding out in Mexico. You
hop in the family staircar, invite you son, and make the trip to Mexico a family vacation.
hire a guy named Ice to track down your brother who is obviously trying to escape as well.
invite your girlfriend Bland, I mean Ann.
take this as a chance to get away from your stupid parents.
fake your own death, as you are the head of the family.
make out with a much older woman.
6. You have a chance to be an understudy for the Blue Man group. You
make sure you blue yourself today, just in case.
send your maid out for another case of liquor.
go into work.
scam you way into a job as a movie exec to get your name known.
refill the lighter fluid up your sleeves, to make sure you get the right effect onstage.
protest something.
7. You are angry with your mother. You
drink and try to get laid.
go swimming in the ocean, even though she told you not to.
just make sure she doesn't spill her drink on your $9,000 suit. Come on!
try to talk with her about it.
make out with her best friend.
try to get back into her life.
8. You find out that your father is dead. You
plan an elaborate illusion involving a casket and dancing.
join the army, kind of.
wear s t-shirt that says "SLUT" to his wake.
try and come up with an appropriate eulagy.
cry, poor Pop Pop!
start banging his twin brother, who has hair.
9. You have a secret. What is it?
You can never be nude.
You released the seal that ate your brother's hand.
Your husbands twin brother is the father of your youngest son.
You know where your fugitive father is.
You REALLY want to make out with your cousin.
you sold houses to Sadaam Hussein.
10. What is the most important thing in your life?
11. Do you have a distinctive chicken dance?
12. Finally, do you have an irrational fear of limbless people?

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