Which Angles Character Are You?

Find out which Angles character you are! Do you belong in the 'hood, or in the suburbs? Are you quiet, or loud as hell? Find out now! Meet the gang at www.myspace.com/anglestv

Which character from Angles are you? Center of attention, or in the background? Serious or funny? How gangsta are you? Find out right now! And go to www.myspace.com/anglestv to meet the gang!

Created by: The Geek of Angles
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. You wake up...
very early to get to work.
sometime in the morning. I don't like to waste too much of the day.
only if I have to.
when my phone rings.
whenever the hell I feel like it.
4. At work you...
do whatever you're supposed to do.
make sure you get paid in full.
usually fight with your boss.
tend to get fired for harassing customers.
sit in your basement and record music.
Work? You serious?
5. In your spare time during the day, you like to...
smoke something.
sit by yourself and write some verses.
record tracks in the studio.
go home and lay down.
roll around the 'hood and look baller.
pretend you have spare time.
6. When you get home in the afternoon/evening, you...
get ready to go back out.
pass out and get ready for another day.
smoke something.
take some shots of hard liquor in the corner by yourself.
Get home? You never left.
7. Where do you party?
The party's wherever I go!
In my pants.
Wherever my gang goes.
Everyone comes to my place.
I don't have time to party.
I don't. I just sit there, smoke something, and watch everyone else do stupid s---.
8. When you drink, you...
make sure you smash at least one b----.
take shots until you pass out.
beat down people that piss you off.
go in a corner, think about your life, and cry.
worry that you're going to have a hangover at work the next day.
act like an idiot, and usually make a fool of yourself.
9. If a friend says something disrespectful to you, you...
beat him down without question.
tell the person how it made you feel.
shrug it off and forget about it.
get someone to back you up, and confront the person.
go home and cry.
turn the comment around and make him/her cry.
10. If an enemy disrespects you, you...
beat him down without question...harder.
grab your gang and start a war.
shoot him.
ask him why you can't be friends.
go home and cry.
beat him down, then go home and cry, then get your gang and start a war.
11. How's your love life?
I have sex with anything that has a pulse.
I have a good girlfriend/boyfriend that I try to treat right.
I hate my girlfriend/boyfriend, and cheat on him/her every night.
I need someone.
I'm happiest alone.
I have sex a lot because I can.
12. Someone asks you to back him up in a fight. Do you go?
Hells yeah. I got him.
13. Brick is...
A tool for construction.
A type of weed.
14. When someone asks you for advice, you...
interrupt and talk about yourself.
tell them to go f--- themself.
just stare at them until they get the point and stop talking.
listen intently, and give good advice.
pretend to listen intently, and give really bad advice.
No one would ever do that to you.
15. Your home life is...
I try not to go home.
16. Before you go to sleep at night, you...
set your alarm for another day of work.
hope that tomorrow will be better.
have sex one more time.
smoke something else.
lock your door.
just close your eyes and sleep.

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