When Winter Comes 13

Wow, has time flown by. It is almost time to see who you will choose. Will you choose Derek, emo guy. Jake, coolest and adventerous guy. Or Wesley, the funniest and wonderful guy.

There may only be one or two episodes left of this series so enjoy!! And don't forget that you have to choose in between two, posibley three (take the quiz to find out exactly) proposels to answer.

Created by: Kirsteen111
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3. You leave Jake at the resturaunt and go to your hotel room. You are ready for a good long time sleeping.
Yawn.. yah i am
4. You wake up the next morning to a knocking on your door. You relize that it is your day with Wesley. You open the door and Wesley runs in and sweeps you off your feet. "Today, you are all mine!" He laughs.
5. "I have the most awesome day planned out!!!" He yells and then takes you down to his car. Which is a really nice one at that.. You hop in thinking how cool you must look right now. He looks at you and says, "We are going to the Club!"
Ewww, a club
I love to dance at clubs!!!
I'm a great dancer...
6. You two come to a club that looks just like the one in Hawaii. It is beautiful and full of people just hanging out. (Don't worry there is nothing bad in there.) He takes your hand and leads you inside. You laugh as he grooves to the beat. Not that he is a good dancer, he is looking goofy on purpose!
He is soo cute!!
i want to leave
7. You join him and act like some weird person who doesn't know how to dance.
How FUN!!
8. You stop for a moment to get some food at the snck bar. Wesley tells the guy at the snack bar, "We'll both have hot dogs. Chicago style." He winks at you. You giggle. "You will love it, -----!" He says and than tells you to try a bite.
-chewing food-
i don't like you OR hotdogs!!
9. It is the GREATEST hot dog ever!! It tastes so good you eat another one. Wesley is surprised at how much you like it. "Wow, you do love it!" He laughs.
gross, still
10. You two hear a slow song and pair up. You dance to it so romantically. He brushes the hair off your cheek and kisses you
get away!!
11. You totally loose track of time and pretty soon it is late at night.
I had a great time!!
I wish i was with Derek
I wish i was with Jake..
12. Wesley let's you drive the car. You feel the freedom of driving for the first time. "In this kind of car, who wouldn't" you think then you relize that you are almost back at the hotel.
Ahhh, already?
13. Wesley looks at you again before you step out of his car. "I wanted to say that.. I have never been so happy, than as happy as i am with you.." You step out of his car blushing. He does the same and locks the doors to his car. But before you walk another step Wesley gets down on his knee.
don't tell me...
14. "-----, will you marry me?" He holds out a beautiful flower. As well as a ring.
!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!
I said DON"T tell me!!
15. You tell him you have to wait a little longer to answer. He understands then enters the hotel
I should have said yes already...
i should have said no!!
16. Before you enter the hotel you pause for a moment. You look up at the sky. It is night but you don't see stars and instead you see light gray clouds. They are almost white. You see something falling down from the clouds. It gently lands on the bridge of your nose. A snowflake
17. Who do you like?

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