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Time is going by so quickly. You have to choose between three guys. Jake- Dark hair, hazel eyes. Wesley- Blonde spiked hair, brown eyes. Derek- Black hai, black eyes.

You have so little time but you have to choose. Will you choose Derek, Wesley, or Jake? Will you be able to decide, or have you already, by the time Winter Comes..

Created by: Kirsteen111
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3. It has only been a few days since you were on a date with Derek. You want to give him an answer but tonight you have to go on a date with someone else.
Jake or Wesley..
4. You hear a knock on your door. You check the time. 9:00. It's not Derek, you think. Then you remember who you will go on a date with today. You open the door to see the tall burnett headed man. It's Jake
Jake, YAY!!
I wish it was Wesley
I wish it was Derek.. (again!!)
5. "I have the most amazing, most fun day ever planned out!" He smiles and leads you to his car outside. It is an ok car. "So," You say after you two have driven for a few minutes. "Where are we going?' He answers quickly. "We are going to take lessons...
LESSONS?? What happened to the exciting Jake I used to know?
It could be worse..
this is why I wanted to go with someone else
6. You enter the really tall building where your lessons are at. He laughs excitingly. You try to act happy. He takes you up the elevator to the top floor, where there is a class of students. They all smile and say, "Hey, Jake!!"
They know him?
How many times has he been to this class?
7. Jake smiles and turns toward you. You can't help but look into his beautiful hazel eyes. "These are not ordinary lessons you know. They are SKY DIVING LESSONS!!" He shouts
That's the Jake I know!!
I want Derek here..
8. You two sit down ad hear all the right steps to jumping out of a plane. "Now," the teacher continues. "You will hear a few pointers from our most skilled student, Jake!" Jake walks up and starts telling everyone how to go faster when you are in the air, and how to go slower. And how to land properly.
I have always wanted to sky dive, especially with Jake!
I want to leave, i am scared of heights..
9. The lessons finish and you two go to a big tunnel. "Now, ----" Jake starts. "This tunnel is like a practice tunnel. It will shoot up air and it will feel like sky diving. If you are good enough we can both go sky diving!" You ask him something, "What if I'm not good enough.." He turns toward you and smiles, "I know you will be.. You're always good enough." you giggle. He gives you a quick peck on the cheek.
Let's try it out, Jakey, -smiles-
10. You two practice for a few hours and then he asks you a simple question, "You ready?" You smile confidently, "Of coarse!"
11. You start to get second thoughts... You are, well who Knows how high, and you are going to jump off a plane. You feel an updraft against the plane. You look out the window. There are tiny cars on the street. The people are so small you can't see them. Jake smiles at you. "We are almost there." You check your watch. It is noon. you huff out air as you turn towards the window again. This time something catches your eye.
What is it?
I only want to be with Derek.
Where's Wesley..
12. It is a giant feild of corn but that's not the surprise. Someone had mowed some parts of the corn down and there is a message written using that method. (You know, like when someone leaves a sign in the feild by mowing or cutting down the plants)
So what does it SAY?!!
13. It is a huge hear with your name in it. It says, "-----, Will you marry me? Love... JAKE?!! You turn towards Jake and he is smiling more than you've ever seen before. You get up and hug him tightly. "You did all this for me?" you have a tear in your eye. "But, you have to understand i can't answer you till after I have finished the dates.. He responds to you, "I know. I just wanted to tell you anyway. I love you." "Hey, love birds!" You hear a voice from the front
You are ruining the moment!!
14. Its the pilot of the plane. "You two are going to miss the jump!" "Oh yah!!" Jake says," He takes your hand. And get's you two ready for the jump
15. He opens the plane door. He attaches your parachute to his. He goes through a mental checklist. "Parachutes, me and you, uhh we ARE READY!!" He yells and then he stands at the edge of the plane. You stand next to him. You two quickly hold hands. "Let's go," you say confidently. He laughs and you two jump
Jake -smiles-
16. You are terrified as you realize you have actually jumped off a plane. You are thousands of feet above the ground!! But as you look at Jake, who is as happy as ever, your frighteness turns into joy. You are enjoying your time in the air, with him
I didn't want to leave the PLANE!!
17. You feel like things couldn't get better. The feeling of flying almost. And being with a friend. You look down and see that the ground is getting closer. Jake gives you the thumbs up to pull the parachute cord, you pull it and feel a sudden stop to your falling. you look up and see your parachute deployed
oh good
I am alive right?!!
18. You look over at Jake and see that both of your parachutes worked. You softly land on the ground. Well, you fell and rolled a couple times but, Jake landed softly on the ground..
Oh good for Jake -sarcastically-
Ouch, Jake help me get up!!
I'm ALIVE!!!
19. Jake runs over and helps you up. "I need to practice my landing.." You say and Jake says, "Maybe a little." You two laugh and head for a salad bar close by.
As long as i am with Jake, everything is fine
20. You two boht eat a delicous meal, yes you have taken your parachutes off. "You have the mst beautiful hair.." He says as he twirls it in his hand. You blush.
21. Who do you LIKE? (As you may have noticed I haven't used the word love yet. I'm waiting for more towards the end to do that :D)

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