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Stardust1 said:
Jul 21 '17, 4:49PM

Silver. I like it, and it describes me pretty well, so good quiz.

Wolf Alpha said:
May 6 '16, 12:33PM

I got Storm. But that's my name, so this quiz is pretty accurate.

Jayfeather310 said:
Feb 27 '16, 2:53PM

im Spirit and Im a loner! ^_^ hehe

Garm said:
Feb 3 '16, 1:22PM

Mine is Dragonfear, pretty awsome name i think ^^

Garm said:
Feb 3 '16, 1:20PM

Random101 said:
Jan 3 '16, 12:48PM

I got Spirit, loved this quiz!

lonewolf52 said:
Dec 13 '15, 11:29AM

my wolf is spirt im a born leader and very good at hunting a true good wolf and have a pure good sould

DEATHWOLF666 said:
Nov 29 '15, 7:54AM

I am the first deathwolf to ever live

DEATHWOLF666 said:
Nov 29 '15, 7:52AM

Deathwolf said:
Nov 23 '15, 11:28PM

I have spirit cool

bloodloyal said:
Nov 19 '15, 10:55AM

I'm Silver and it describes me perfectly. :) thx for this poll. I am VERY dangerous if you mess with my friends and family.

bloodloyal said:
Nov 19 '15, 10:53AM

wolvesrain25 said:
Oct 25 '15, 8:41PM

my wolf name is silver i

HowlToHeart said:
Oct 17 '15, 7:37PM

I got Spirit. I would of liked to be in a pack better but I like Spirit. I'm writing a story about wolf packs, I have a character like Spirit but his name is Shadow. Great quiz!

Tigerclaw51731 said:
Oct 14 '15, 8:40AM

Im Silver.

Wolves4082 said:
Sep 28 '15, 12:47PM

I got Storm. Sounds like a good wolf name?

tc68111 said:
Aug 28 '15, 12:30AM

I got Spirit

Pony Plorta said:
Aug 1 '15, 3:02AM

Spirit, I am. :)

Hopeoldaker2000 said:
Jun 8 '15, 10:11PM

I got light

Hopeoldaker2000 said:
Jun 8 '15, 10:10PM

I got light

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