What will you die from?

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Duhitzaddie said:
Oct 20 '16, 2:55AM

Uh I'm not unwarned...

DarknessAndLight said:
Jun 3 '16, 6:14AM

I got framed! Again!

Erika_May said:
Jan 25 '16, 8:20AM

Your Result: Got Framed

You may not do anything wrong, but you hang out with the wrong people at the wrong times. Make sure you can trust your friend. Your first impression isn't always right.

70%-Frien d Murdered You (this doesn't surprise me, my friend would do that)

Muricanpatriot said:
Jan 22 '16, 6:23PM

I got framed

EPIX said:
Jul 17 '15, 7:47PM

Friend murdered me lol

Rebekahh27 said:
Jun 23 '15, 9:39AM

I got framed! Wait why am I happy about that?

alyssa menner said:
Jun 2 '15, 5:49PM

excuse me, what if this is wrong!! I don't want to get hit by a car or peacfully in my sleep! This quiz is making me go insane. My friends would not murder me!! I am so mad and furious right know. this quiz is lying to me right now! you here me people who made this!!

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