What will you be when you grow up

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BadBihh said:
Apr 29 '13, 9:12AM

I waanna be a SINGER/ACTOR!!

BUT I GOT Your Result: a t.v. host
76%Since you like probably like to talk (well i think you like to talk) you would probably make a good t.v host. You would also make money. Everybody lkies money. See ya on t.v.!!!!!!

Ezza said:
Nov 27 '09, 5:56AM

No, I already know what I wanna be and it is not a hip hop artist I wanna be a marine bioligist! YEAH!

Candylicious1 said:
Feb 13 '08, 8:33PM

I think this quiz sucked but it gave me a good result yo!!

shara said:
Nov 5 '07, 10:59PM

hay it was alright dunno if it was right or not but it was ok!!!!

stphmooz said:
Oct 28 '07, 4:35PM

yeah it did I would NEVER want to be what it told me I would be!!

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