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  • OMG GEEKS !!!!!!!!!????????wh at the yuck! *#& *&#~

    doglovergirl Dec 12 '15, 6:02PM
  • lol

    Destiny_Babygirl Nov 25 '15, 11:09AM
  • Ok That comment there is REALLY creepy!

    sm14570 Nov 25 '15, 12:21AM
  • STOP BLACKMAILING!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

    Totalove0 Nov 20 '15, 3:26PM
  • Omg yes! I'm very artsy myself.

    headbanging Nov 11 '15, 10:55PM
  • "You attract artsy people"
    i am one myself kinda so it doesn't really bother me xD

    FrenchGirl Nov 10 '15, 1:25PM
  • Why must I attract geeks?!

    Pizzadudew Nov 9 '15, 6:17PM
  • i attract geeks. that is not true. im scared bc im a girl... i like a guy named tristin and idk if he likes me and hes 2 years older than me, im 12, and he 14. someone pls give me advice!

    noah12345 Nov 3 '15, 10:57PM
  • I attract geeks. That's acually preetty accurate. Take my sonic quizzes plz. Just put jinx he cat in the search box plz. No ones taking yet. I'm new her. Plz take meh quizzes. Thx!

    Jinx the cat Nov 3 '15, 9:04AM
  • Say iPhone three times then repost on another quiz. Tonight look under your pillow.

    sademogirl Oct 24 '15, 8:13AM
  • Ajdjrnfk

    Mistyraindrops Oct 20 '15, 3:41PM
  • i can not believe i got geeks

    cutiepie10 Sep 18 '15, 4:33PM
  • FUN

    Poppy girl Sep 7 '15, 3:07PM
  • True my bf is an artist

    Princess313 Aug 30 '15, 3:14PM
  • hi guys,I'm new here

    clare Aug 25 '15, 5:29AM
  • I attract unstable people.

    Zaxx Aug 4 '15, 2:32AM
  • Really people. You go and view comments and almost all of them are chain messages. Like seriously you don't have anything better to do then write those dumb things. If you are going to say something, then make it an opinion or feedback or about the quiz or whatever buf stop this stupid spamming of the comments with the chain messages that NOBODY CARES ABOUT.Its annoying to say the least. Oh and this is only for the people that are posting them.If your not then this message is not about you.

    I_do_not_care Aug 1 '15, 10:42PM
  • I'm an insane magnet and I attract all sorts of people that explain every thing one guy I dated was a gock and the next scene (I like the scene more he is a better cuddler >u< hehe

    Venusfinikin Jul 27 '15, 4:09AM
  • Geeks then Artsy People Wth?

    AnimeCat115 Jul 19 '15, 7:11PM
  • Girl:do you think I'm pretty?
    Gi rl:do you want to be with me forever?
    G irl:will you cry if I walk away?
    Boy: no
    The girl walks away tears running down her face.the boy grabs her arm.
    Boy:I don't think your pretty your beautiful I don't want to be with you forever I need to be with you forever,I won't cry if you walk away I will die if you walk away. Boy:Please stay with me?girl:I will.
    Tonight at midnight your true love will realize he likes you.ifyou don't send this to 5 other quizzes you will have relationship problems for th next 10 years if you post this on 10 other quizzes you will get everything you want tomorrow. PS THIS REALLY WORKS!!!!

    kendyld20 Jul 17 '15, 10:36PM
  • Ha in your face!(not bullying or bragging) got the artsy kind

    Magicuser Jul 7 '15, 10:54PM
  • Geeks :o

    Elory Chihuahua Jul 2 '15, 11:02AM

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