What type of partier are you?

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brittpetros said:
Jul 18 '14, 11:46PM

mariam2071 said:
Dec 8 '12, 8:38AM

77% i neither drink nor smoke...even i hateeee alcoholic people and smokers..ewwwww

Hunteriscool said:
Jan 9 '12, 3:09PM

Good quiz, i got rockstar :P

Davis313 said:
Sep 24 '11, 2:10PM

You are usually the first one at the bar, right after work, before anyone else gets there. You tend to be quite buzzed before a single of your friends show up, and keep on drinkin when they get there. You often forget your credit card at the bar and have to retreive it the next day, and can never believe the bill is so high. At parties, you are still drinking while most of the rest of the party is passed out and sleeping. It takes you forever to catch a buzz, and even longer for a buzz to go away. You're made for this lifestyle!

Hell yeah.

Kiki rocks said:
Aug 5 '11, 12:15AM

only 12... designated driver! oh yeah! too bad i'm not old enough to party.

lucindamae said:
Jul 6 '11, 12:09PM

You are the gem of any party, the rock, the one who can roll with the group and have a ton of fun, even though you are completely sober most of the time. You may have a rare occasional drink, but really don't need it or care if you have one. The potheads tend to fall into this group often, as they prefer to smoke up instead of drink anyway, and it wears off before its time to go home. You find your friends amusing as they get ripped and try to hit on you, slurring their words and calling you 'the best', though you get annoyed at the constant 'come on, just have one with me' as they try to buy you a drink.

Of course this is me!

MalorieMoon said:
May 17 '11, 7:26PM

I'm the driverrrrr! Woo hoo! I am SO not drunk!

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