What Type Of Guy's Do You Attract?

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Dark Vladimir said:
May 14 '15, 10:45AM

He will love you as much (or probably more)than you love him, if thats possable. He will never leave you. He will never be able to stop thinking about you and how beautifull he thinks you are. He would do anything to be with you.

how spot on the result is omfg.

Kalafina said:
Apr 16 '15, 3:28PM

Your Result: Strong and Pretective

He Loves You so much that he would take a bullet for you. He wont let anyone ever hurt you. He will always be at your side. When He tuches you it will be like fire. He cant get enough. He will have the fearsest hands, but the lightest tuch.

89%Loving and Emo

68%Funny and playfull

56%Silly But Nice

This sounds like my dream dude X3

BlueJay01 said:
Apr 16 '15, 12:50PM

? wth ?
i've crushed on him for a while now... :3

FizzyPop said:
Mar 9 '15, 2:53PM

Oh my god spot on! Are you some kind of guy expert? AWESOME QUIZ

Mysterious Cat said:
Feb 24 '15, 11:24AM

Strong and protective

farmlife said:
Jan 4 '15, 11:33PM

farmlife said:
Jan 4 '15, 11:29PM

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