What Type Of Guy's Do You Attract?

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sanni710 said:
Sep 27 '12, 5:31PM

loving and emo
He will love you as much (or probably more)than you love him, if thats possable. He will never leave you. He will never be able to stop thinking about you and how beautifull he thinks you are. He would do anything to be with you.

Ardeo9999 said:
Sep 27 '12, 2:29PM

I got Silly but Nice: He can Be kind of a little kid, but he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He understands you and loves how you laugh at his jokes -even when there not funny really funny- It makes him really happy. He loves you and loves to show you off to his friends. He's a really great guy.
Wow this perfectly describes my crush!!! Everything is so true, this is super accurate! aweomse job, 10 stars :D

FurbyRuxpin said:
Sep 27 '12, 1:33AM

Silly but nice... Exactly what I wanted!

JessicaLestrange said:
Sep 12 '12, 1:31PM

Strong and protective, ha! Pretty cool, that's exactly the sort of result I wanted! ;-)

roseybrunnette said:
Aug 7 '12, 8:08PM

Strong and protective...me likey XD Great quiz though ;)

Hailey said:
Jul 21 '12, 1:31AM

Funny and playful. I'll take that! =)

Gzrrr said:
Jun 18 '12, 8:45PM

Funny and Playful totally my boyfriend

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