What Type Of Geek Are You?

You may have been labeled as a jock, a prep, a loner, but not a geek. (or maybe you have) Well I'm here to tell you the truth. No matter what group you hang with, or what table you sit at during lunch, you are a total geek.

Despite your own beliefs, and those of your popular friends, you are all geeks. So the question is not if you are a geek, but what kind of geek you are. Find out by doing this quiz!

Created by: Alani
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. You are bored one summer day. You:
Go outside and ride your bike.
Write philosophical poetry in your journal.
Get on your server and make a website.
Day dream.
4. You have an essay to write for English class. You pick the topic. You write:
about the physics involved in basketball
about the rewards of social isolation
about how to program your videogame system
about the originality of music
5. You and your friends want to have fun. You suggest:
going camping in the wilderness
chatting online-with technology we don't even have to be with each other
I am my friend.
exchanging lyrics to the songs you guys have written
6. You are browsing the internet. You:
are reading a script for a movie you like, but haven't seen it all.
are looking for cool graphics to put on your own webpage.
are reading a famous athlete's bio.
look for your love matches so you won't feel so alone.
7. You have to babysit your little brother. Boy, do you have a great evening planned! You:
Play crab hockey with him in the basement to keep him occupied.
Put on your favorite music and have a dance party with him!
Let him be in his room and you in yours. Not together, not a problem.
Teach how all the electric appliances in the house work.
8. You are a police officer and you just pulled someone over for speeding. You:
pull off. You are nervous. You don't know them.
Sing "Speed Demon" word for word.
Give them a beautifully painted ticket, complete with a canvas and frame (just in case they want to display it on their wall).
Force them to do 50 push-ups as punishment.
Explain to them how your speed tracking device works.
9. You are listening to music. It is:
Punk rock/alternative/Hip Hop
R+B/Hip Hop/heavy metal
10. You are bowling. You hit down:
One pin.
Ten pins.
Three pins.
Five pins.
No pins.
11. What is your favorite subject?
12. You are watching TV. You are watching:
Your favorite cartoon.
A soap opera.
A sports game.
A segment on asexual organisms.
13. You just spilled milk all over yourself and the floor. You:
Try to invent something that would prevent this and clean it up for you.
Hope nobody saw.
Shake it off. Wipe your face, and keep on moving.
Scream and cry like it's the end of the world.
14. Your ideal pet:
15. You are asleep. You dream of:
Winning the championship game!
Flying over your neighborhood.
Exploring the depths of the forest behind your backyard.
Befriending a talking tree.
Reprogramming your calculator to do your chores.
Doing your chores.
16. You have to learn a foreign language. You choose:
17. You have a group movie project to complete, and everyone has a job. You are:
the script writer
the artistic/costume designer
the camera person/editor
an actor/actress
the one who turns the project in...and that's it
18. Your favorite color out of these choices is:
19. Your ideal computer game:
people simulation
20. Your favorite food out of these choices:
fried fish
onion rings
21. Your best friend can be described as:
Sporty, fun-loving, adventurous risk taker.
Die hard gamer, fun-loving.
Dramatic, talkative, character.
Shy, introverted, quiet.
22. Your favorite field trip was:
when your class went to the zoo and the aquarium.
when your class went to a baseball game.
when your class went to an amusement park.
when your class went to the museum.
when your class went to the planetarium.
23. Your ideal learning strategy:
Totally hands on!
Hands free, totally observation.
Taking good notes.
Sleeping and hope you dream about it.
24. You have to go to a foreign country. You go to:
25. Your lover can be described as:
A shy, quiet thoughtful person who only opens up to you.
A wild, crazy person who loves to dance or do something else active.
Hooked online. You do some much talking while chatting online and emailing and texting (as well as in person).
26. Someone else in your school has on the same pair of shoes as you! And worse yet, the person is of the opposite sex! You:
Wear them your style anyway!
Walk around in your socks instead.
Run around in your shoes to make them look more used. (Hey, you want people to believe you actually had them first)
Too busy playing your Nintendo DS to notice.
27. You want to get married:
In a tent, out in the wilderness.
On a boat.
In a church.
In a theater.
In a field.
In cyberspace.
28. Your first priority or most prized possession out of these choices:
Your games and recreation.
Your poetry and stories.
Your music.
Your movies and your gadgets.
Your journal or diary and your favorite book.
29. You are confronted by the police, but you aren't the one they are looking for! You:
Run away.
Explain to them how you are not the one.
Describe the person they are really looking for in perfect detail.
Explain to them how and why their brain misleads them.
Get really mad and scream out about how unfair it is.
30. You are playing basketball. You shoot a:
random jump-shot
free throw
31. At lunch at school you sit (or sat) with the:

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