What Star Wars person are you?

There are a lot of different people in this world, but I'm not speaking about this world at the moment. At the moment, I'm thinking about a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away and who you'd be there.

Well? What Star Wars character WOULD you be? Calm Luke? Firey Leia? Cocky Han Solo? Or the big guy in black with the breathing problem? This is your chance to find out. So sit down, please do not pick random answers, and you might just discover whether you earn a lightsaber or just a great deal of fur. Good luck!

Created by: Fiona
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3. So, you're dying for an ice cream but the lady behind the counter refuses to serve you. She says it's closing time. What do you do?
Eye her coldly. She is beneath your contempt, but if she continues to deny you access to the ice creams you will squish her like the bug she is.
"You will give me an ice cream." "I...will give you an ice cream."
Smile, whistle, and look laidback. The second she's gone use the keys you pickpocketed from her to help yourself to an icecream.
Pick up the counter and throw it across the room. The lady gives you fifteen ice creams. On the house.
Ask her to make this one exception, speaking reasonably. You will return the favour one day, and give her a tip today.
Whine. Refuse to leave the store until she pulls out a cricket bat. Then scream and give her all your money before running from the room crying with fear.
4. A man tries to shoot you in the street. What do you do?
Kill him with one blow.
Freeze him in place with the Force.
Kill him, but feel sad about it.
Kill him, and check his corpse for things of value.
Kill him painfully.
Run screaming.
5. Someone you barely know declares their undying love for you. What do you do?
Take it as your due, but say, "Sorry, sweetie, but that blaster won't fire. You're not my type."
"Oh dear. You do? Well, I am fluent in many languages, and my casings ARE of a superior metal."
Retreat several steps. No one gave you a manual on how to deal with this. Are you allowed to just knock them out?
Laugh. Consider killing them, but keep them about because they'll be a faithful servant and you haven't been so amused at someone's pathetic stupidity in years.
Kindly explain you do not return their feelings, but you hope you can always be friends.
Blush, stutter, and use a jedi mindtrick to convince them their actually in love with that guy staring at them from over there. You may have power but you're way too young to have any composure in these circumstances.
6. Describe yourself in one word.
Superior in intelligance to most of those odd people who surround me - what are you talking about? I can't describe myself in just one word! Well, maybe...compared to everyone else, "SANE".
7. You are invited to your sister's wedding. What do you do?
Go. Even be a bridesmaid in the puce taffeta nightmare they've purchased.
Go. Mingle with the guests.
Inviting you to her pathetic wedding? Ha. Send a refusal back with a thermal detonator attached.
Go. Get drunk and break off the vicar's podium. That'll make a nice wedding present for them.
Kindly write a refusal letter back. "Sorry, Angeline, I'll be busy on Tuesday. Oh, it's on Wednesday? I'll be sick then."
Whine. "I understand that you want me there, but so many people DEPEND on me. I have duties!"
8. How would your friends describe you?
A threat.
A joke.
A scoundrel.
A nice person.
Intelligent and fiery.
Lots of fun, so long as you don't annoy him.
9. Well, it's been an interesting year. You grew your hair, met some interesting people and were sold as a slave to someone. They are, most unusually, considering your feelings as they prepare to sell you again. You have three choices as your next owner - a
The little old lady. She sets you free within ten days, saying she didn't need companionship that desperately.
The bothan. You decide he needs a lesson, and you can be the one to deliver it.
Um, duh, the human. M-rated is your favourite thing and even if you get bored a set of lockpicks and a signal blocker and you'll be free as a bird
You kill the kind slave-seller. He must be foolish to show such weakness in your presence.
You buy yourself from the slave-seller, promising to pay him back with a favour.
You go wild. You will NOT be a slave. No! NO!
10. You make a new friend. What are you thinking?
"Even the weakest allies may help in our battle."
"The Force marks us all as equals."
"Oh, dear. I hope I didn't just insult him."
"I wonder if he'd fall for the fifty-credit muja-farm scam?"
"Oh, good, a friend. I wonder if he's any good at chess?"
"He calls me friend...foolish mortal."
11. You come second in a competition. What do you do?
Kill the winner. Kill the judges. Kill any of the audience who cheered.
Get angry, but don't do anything besides be a little violent to some inanimate objects.
Say to yourself you haven't failed, you have succeeded in another way.
Oh, well, dammit. There's always next year. Even if this year's winner looks like a nerf-herding Gamorrean.
Whine. You're never entering this again.
What? How could you be second? You were so sure you fixed the computer right!
12. Would you like to be a jedi?
I don't know. They used to be a bit stuck-up.
Jedi? Hah! Moralizing do-gooders!
The question is moot. You made sure there weren't any more jedi, ever.
Yes. To help people is wonderful.
Jedi spent too much time on the mind, and not enough on the muscles.
NO! They were always in danger!

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