What should be your good luck charm?

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Nicolette said:
Dec 24 '15, 2:51AM

Simple red or pink heart on a necklace!

Adelie Penguin said:
Jan 1 '15, 1:40PM

Yay! I got a pencil! I am a nerd and proud of it! I am definitely going to take this into consideration!

katd13 said:
Jul 11 '12, 11:23PM

Broken heart or skull and cross. Yep, sounds like me.

SkyKnightWarrior said:
Jun 9 '12, 12:20AM

Apparently I'm goth and creepy, but okay I like skull neckaces!!!!!!!!!!! !!

guardianhinata said:
Jan 9 '10, 11:02AM

What should be your good luck charm?
Your Result: Broken Heart or Skull and Cross

You should either have a broken heart (Black, red, or pink) or a Skull and Cross on a necklace. You appear dark and some may call you evil, but the truth is, no one understands you. You have had your heart broken, and don't want it to happen again, so you hide under your confident-scary-got h shield.
Simple Heart

Paw Print or Horse Shoe




Talfreo said:
Jan 9 '10, 4:37AM

Pawprint. Pretty much sums me up.

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