What's Your Personality?

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Faithygirl said:
Feb 3 '16, 9:22PM

Outgoing!? Have you met me. I'm shy and the stand in the diner type of girl. But can still HAVE FUN. LEZ PARTY. oops sorry. I can be loud when I feel comfortable in my environment. Cough around close friends cough

Chi flex said:
Aug 7 '15, 5:23PM

this quiz sucks:@


Anna marie diaz said:
Jun 13 '12, 9:52PM

posers. _.

crazy x2 said:
Apr 28 '12, 9:22PM

Boring yeah pretty much although it was almost crazy. YAY!!!!!!

Princess_Senora said:
Apr 8 '12, 2:01PM

I'm outgoing

neochu51 said:
May 30 '11, 9:39PM

I'm outgoing which is really the opposite of me unless I'm with friends then I'm crazy hehe. Chickens can pie. :)

RetardedKitten said:
Sep 6 '10, 12:06PM


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