What's your fairy element?

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samanthaluv said:
Mar 25 '14, 9:07PM

I am a lava fairy and me and my friends are gonna train and have a sign to become one!!!!!!!!!!!11

samanthaluv said:
Mar 25 '14, 9:06PM

I am a lava fairy here :D :D :D i am making a sign to become one:) me and my friends are making a group just like winx!

KerriT said:
Mar 19 '14, 3:10PM

Thank you so much, now I know what element I can be, Who are you?

rorowinx said:
Jan 21 '14, 10:56AM

I am a lighting fairy,I believe in fairies,and I believe that I might be one.Do you have any idea how I can activate my powers?
If you do,e-mail me at:[no emails]

kstar said:
Jan 19 '14, 6:36PM

Hello i am a lightning fairy , how will i now when its time for me to become a fairy? How do i even become one? Will i be able to turn back into a human after when i am finished being a fairy, or when i have to go to school? How can i create thunder storms can i do it as a human, a fairy or both human and fairy please i really need to know. Please turn my dream into a reality thank you for your co-operation

dbzgirl said:
Nov 6 '13, 10:15PM

I'm a fairy of waves
It totally fit me I love visiting the ocean
But how do I start practicing my powers? Please tell

Robyn said:
Aug 2 '13, 9:47AM

yeh! i got the lava fairy and well it kinda just makes sense because i am really strongly connected with fire/lava. and also Oceanfanatic7777 you can wear wtvr u want! just because people are fairies doesnt mean they have to wear dresses and acorn hats XD

Oceanfanatic7777 said:
Jun 22 '13, 11:37AM

hi its me again, but i really just want to transform and use my powers to defend myself and others from harm, it angers me how ppl today can be so ruthless, anyone with fb friend me please so we can chat, Shaun Martin Faust is my fb name, but anyone who is a jerk to me will be blocked. have a nice day

Oceanfanatic7777 said:
Jun 22 '13, 11:20AM

I am a male and im a fairy of waves, love the ocean but i also have a strong connection to storms, do u just transform by doing what the winx girls do? and do guys wear shorts and tshirts instead of girl fairy clothes? please untangle this confusion. thank you

united states said:
May 31 '13, 7:17PM

wave fairys awsome i soo happy love that power

brwneyes3113 said:
May 6 '13, 8:31AM

Says I'm a visions fairy. I've always dreamed about things that will happen. i know its a gift and a lot of women in my family have it. not sure I'm a fairy but anything is possible lol

brwneyes3113 said:
May 6 '13, 8:28AM

Says I'm a visions fairy. I've always dreamed about things that will happen. i know its a gift and a lot of women in my family have it. not sure I'm a fairy but anything is possible lol

Elisa_1 said:
Apr 29 '13, 5:24PM

i am a lava fairy but i don't know how to use my powers and how to transform..please helps..i need it...my life needs this freedom..it's such a difficult life and i want to feel different and safe and sound..

golden girl said:
Apr 19 '13, 1:19PM

i don't no what to do help me i don't no how to you's my powers if you do post it and say it to golden g pleas thanks

Bella Belle said:
Apr 5 '13, 8:48PM

I got lava and that is very great to have.
I've just used my powers to make someone love me than anything they have loved in their whole life.
I'm still concentrating on my powers so it can't stop.

shaystar21 said:
Feb 8 '13, 6:37PM

i am a fairy with visions and I would like to believe it's true. i have de sha vu's a lot, but I could be crazy

fairygirl said:
Jan 7 '13, 8:58PM

I am a water fairy but i do not know how to get my powers

shyrose345 said:
Oct 26 '12, 2:13PM

I think im the only (that ive seen) thats a fairy of lightning. I just want to know how to activate my powers. I dont want to cuz storms or anything, but it'd be nice to know i have them. :) Anyhelp??? "/

sammieraindrop said:
Aug 27 '12, 4:04PM

im a wave fairy and im excited bt i dont know how to do anything someone plz email me at sammieraindrop@ gmail.com

FaithBetta said:
Aug 23 '12, 3:33PM

Waves (Water) Fairy here! JW how do I start to practice my power? Also this suits me perfectly because I love swimming and I'm obsessed with mermaids! Thanks (if you answer)!!

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