What's your fairy element?

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fatman29 said:
May 12 '15, 1:18PM

i am a... FAT FAIRY!

fatman29 said:
May 12 '15, 1:18PM

just kidding! i became a fairy by pooping out a rainbow

fatman29 said:
May 12 '15, 1:16PM


Winxclub1 said:
Apr 10 '15, 2:35PM

I'm a lightning fairy, which is ironic because stormy a evil witch from the show winx club can shoot lightning bolts and create wind storms ! So I didn't know that that could be a fairy power how do I activate my powers and transform?

Sgonzalez06 said:
Jan 27 '15, 12:41PM

I Am A Wave Fairy. This Quiz Was Super Fun To Take,But It Does Not Say How To Transform Into One! Please,If You Could,Add It To The Quiz,Or You Can Reply Back To Me.

umarali5748 said:
Jan 20 '15, 4:05PM

plz how do I use my powers as a Wave fairy.

umarali5748 said:
Jan 20 '15, 3:57PM

plz I am lava fairy how do I transform. plz answer me .

wolfsrain12345 said:
Jan 5 '15, 8:32AM

i'm a Lightning Fairy.
how do I use my power's?

wolfsrain12345 said:
Jan 5 '15, 8:27AM

dairyfairy said:
Dec 3 '14, 2:57PM


buddylily17 said:
Nov 5 '14, 4:48PM

Hey how do I use my magic I am a lava fairy and I really want to know please help.

buddylily17 said:
Nov 5 '14, 4:47PM

Hey how do i use my magic im a lava fairy and i really want to know please help

buddylily17 said:
Nov 5 '14, 4:43PM

Sama abdalla said:
Aug 23 '14, 5:12PM

Had anybody
Transforme d yet

Sama abdalla said:
Aug 23 '14, 5:08PM

I am a lighthing fairy how do I transform and use my powers

Rabia Jahangir said:
Aug 17 '14, 5:46AM

I am a visions Fairy.
How can I use my powers

fairy of waves said:
Jul 28 '14, 11:30AM

I am a water fairy please answer me how do I start using my powers

fairy of waves said:
Jul 28 '14, 12:37AM

I am a water fairy but how do I use my elements and powers please help me

bloomix said:
Jul 17 '14, 2:35AM

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bloomix said:
Jul 17 '14, 2:15AM

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